September 2007 Online Earnings Report


So long, September. Not a bad month by my measure, but just slightly worse than August 2007. Three percent worse, if you’re talking about total profit for the month – so nearly even really. Let’s take a quick look at the breakdown:



Income from Adsense dropped 5%, but made up a total of 48% of my total income – a small improvement from the 51% last month. Though it’s a small drop, my Adsense income has been very solid all summer long.

Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads income increased 3% this month, and accounted for a total of 21% of my income. That’s nearly the same percentage as last month – a good chunk, in other words. TLA is relatively stable ( in the sense than any online income can be stable.


September brought about a 15% jump in Linkworth income – not quite back to my previous high, but good anyway. Linkworth counts for about 6 and a half percent of my income – not much overall, yet.


August and September have not seen the same Kontera numbers that May – July brought. In fact, September was even worse than August – 14% worse, in fact. I’m still hoping that this is the last of the “Summer Slowdown”, and October will return better numbers. Kontera counted for just 13% of my income in September – that’s compared to a high of 31% back in June 2007.

Affiliate Programs

I don’t do much in the affiliate area right now… as such, affiliate earnings dropped 14%, and account for a total of just 5% of my income. I won’t lose any sleep over it, because I consider this to be “extra” money, that I’m not actively pursuing.

Sponsored Posts

I continue to see a huge opportunity in sponsored posts, and I keep passing it up. My income from this area dropped 35%, and made up a sad 2% of my income for the month. There’s really no excuse for not doing a better job here – the potential is just huge.

September 2007 Overview and looking forward

September 2007 was a good month when all is said and done. The problem is that I have seen two consecutive months with a drop in income. Why? Quite simply, I have been working less. Less posts + less promotion = less income. Pretty simple formula.

My wrists have been hurting pretty badly all month, which limits how much I can type. I also purchased and closed on a house this month, which sucked up a lot of my free time. Moving this month will keep me away from working a bit too. Hopefully I can turn things around in the time I do have, and see an increase in October.

2007 Year to Date


I set a goal for 2007 way back in January, and if all goes well, I will surpass it in October. A solid 4th quarter could mean a crushed goal.

My focus will be productivity – if I’m in front of the computer, I need to make sure I’m making the most of my time. Between working a demanding day job, and enjoying a wonderful family life, finding time to run a business ( even an online one ) can be difficult at best. But that’s a sorry excuse, so I won’t use it.

The bottom line is that it’s October, and I need a solid month. This month can be better than September, and it will be.

You need a draw

green-llama There is a lot of competition on the internet for whatever niche you’re in – there’s no question about that. You have to be bigger, better, faster, and stronger than everyone else around you if you want to be successful. Well, you can do that, or you can be smart, and have a draw. What’s a draw? Something unique about you or your site; a reason for people to visit your site over someone else’s.

Think about some of the more popular sites – what do they have as their draw? John Chow has the massive amount of money he brings in every month – quite the draw. Darren Rowse is the consummate professional blogger – a great draw. John Cow has the whole parody thing going on – humor works too. Shoemoney, of course, has that old Adsense check going for him. And the most famous among this group should be obvious – I have the Green Llama, which is the ultimate draw.

So you have a choice. You can be better than all the other sites. Or you can be smarter, and be more unique. Your choice.

Traffic is King

You can have the best site in the world – professionally designed, fantastic content, great monetization. None of that matters if you don’t have targeted traffic flowing to your site. I have several sites exactly like that – great look, great content, and beautifully monetized. However, they don’t make me much money, because they barely get any traffic. What can one do?

  • Links, Links, Links. Write great content, get the word out, and hope that links come pouring in. You’ll get some link traffic, and some Google Juice, which should help down the road.
  • Work on getting search engine traffic. That means SEO – learn the basics and learn to like it. You aren’t likely to make a fortune without it. You don’t need to be an expert, and you don’t need to go black hat.
  • Buy links. I know, that’s taboo these days. But if you can do it covertly, it’s still a good choice.
  • Write Linkbait / Digg material. This ties in to the first one above – the more links you can get, the more eyeballs on your site, and the more potential for money exists.

There are tons of ways to get traffic, but the core is SEO & Links. These are the proven, long-term ways to get and build traffic levels. Don’t fall for the fad of the day – stick to the basics, learn them, and love them.

How much money?

For months now, I’ve been posting a monthly recap of my online earnings.  The only catch is that I have never put a set dollar amount on how much I actually earn online.  In the comments of nearly every recap post, someone asks why – and I have to explain why each time.

I know that the amount is interesting to a lot of people, and I’m considering spilling the beans once and for all.  I’ll tell you how much I made in August – but there’s just one small catch.  You have to guess.  If anyone comes within $100 of my online income for August, I’ll edit my recap with hard dollar figures.

How will you know what to guess?  Well, I’ve left small clues over the months.  If you’ve been paying attention you might have a fairly decent idea of where to start.  One guess per person.  If you guess right, I’ll post the amounts, and I’ll also drop you a link in an upcoming post.  Your choice where the link points to – any one of your sites will be fine ( no spam, porn, gambling, yada yada ).  Anyway, leave your guess in the comments below.   You have until Wednesday to guess.

August 2007 Online Earnings Report

august-2007 August 2007 is gone forever – and we’ll never see it again.  That’s pretty much OK with me, since it marked a 32% drop in profit compared to July 2007.  That being said, it still marks my third best month every since I started making money online.  So it was a tough month, but in a fantastic way, if that makes any sort of sense to anyone except me.   Where was the fallout?  Let’s dig a bit to find out:


Income from Adsense actually jumped 3%, and made up a total of 51% of profit for the month.  That’s higher than I like ( and higher than the 34% from last month ), but when the overall number goes up, there’s no room for complaints really.  It seems the “Summer Slowdown” didn’t affect my Adsense numbers at all.

Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads income increased 9% this month, and accounted for a total of 21% of my income.  That’s a stronger showing than last month, attributable to the 10% jump, as well as the overall drop in profits.  TLA continues to be a strong source of income, though never one of my largest.


August saw a 31% drop in Linkworth revenue, which was not expected.  A few advertisers dropped out, and there were no LinkPost opportunities available.  LW still counted for 6% of total income, though that’s due to the overall drop.


August 2007 marked my worst month using Kontera since the very first month ( and that was a partial month ).  Kontera income was down a stunning 57% percent – that’s simply horrible.  Just 15% of my August income can be contributed to Kontera – a huge drop from 24% last month.  What went wrong?  Well, most of my Kontera income comes from a single site, covering a single niche.  Apparently Kontera’s advertisers in that niche dropped their bids in August – the “Summer Slowdown” in effect.  Pageviews were normal, just the ePC was way, way down.  There’s nothing to change here – just ride out the slowdown, and look forward to increased ePC’s in this area.

Affiliate Programs

I’m not a strong player in the affiliate are these days, though I will end up going in that direction again.  I did increase affiliate earnings by 10% in August, which of course isn’t a bad thing.  It’s not a lot of money by any stretch, by more money is good. 

Sponsored Posts

I lagged in the sponsored posts area this month, which looks especially bad after a record month in July.  The outcome?  An 85% drop in income in this area.  After the strong showing in July, I need to take advantage of sponsored posts more often, and more aggressively.  The potential is huge, and I missed the boat in August.  I don’t plan on letting it happen again.

August 2007 Overview and looking forward

August 2007 was a great month when looked at on it’s own.  However it simply pales in comparison with last month, and that doesn’t make me a happy camper.  My expectations for making money online have been raised, and they’re higher than ever before.  I missed the boat in Sponsored posts, and Kontera’s ePC drop hit me hard.  What can I do?  Spread out, and cover a few more niches.  It’s never good to focus completely on one source of revenue, nor is it wise to focus on one niche, no matter how broad.

2007 Year to Date

YTD 2007 is still on track to hit my target number set at the beginning of the year.  In fact, I may well blow it out of the water if things continue to go my way.  Adsense continues to perform very strongly for me, which is great, and worrisome.  I keep harping on it, but I know that I need to reduce my heavy dependency on it.  Some months are better than others in this area, but overall it’s still too much.

I will be making a renewed focus on sponsored posts, since they offer a great value to the advertiser, and a great earning opportunity for me.  It’s a win-win situation, and something I will make better use of. 

July of 2007 remains my best month ever, but hopefully not for long.  September is on us, and records are waiting to be broken.  Here’s to my best month yet – and yours.

How to sell underwear to men

Style: For years I’ve been saying that underwear makers have gotten it all wrong in their marketing efforts. Browse a women’s underwear department and you’ll see pictures of women wearing the item in general – bras, panties, corsets, whatever. The idea is that the woman will see how pretty it will look on her, and buy it. With me so far? Good. Mosey on over to the men’s department, and pick up a back of boxer briefs. What do you see on the front? Some dude in his underwear. As a guy, I can tell you that the last thing in the world that I want to look at is some other half-naked guy. I don’t care how good the underwear will make me look – it doesn’t matter to me.


Instead of showing half-naked guys on men’s underwear packages, I’ve always thought that half-naked women would be a much smarter decision. It seems that a company by the name of JBS Underwear from Denmark had the same thought, and decided to run with it. See, JBS had the advantage of already owning an underwear company, whereas I did not. Since they had a pretty strong head start, I suppose I’ll let them get away with the idea.

It’s a shame though. I’m full of brilliant ideas, and since I don’t have the time / desire / ability to implement them, all the credit and reward goes to someone else. I mean really, this simple yet brilliant idea has never been come up with before now, and I had it first. Congrats to JBS – even though they’re a small Dutch company, I am sure they have a very bright future ahead of them.



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