Text Link Ads is not using TinyURL

If you’re a Text Link Ads user ( and as a reader of the Green Llama, you damn well better be ), then there’s a chance you recently received this email, purportedly from the fine folks at TLA

Message-Id: <20070823181944.BF564754707@93810-web1.text-link-ads.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 13:19:44 -0500 (CDT)

As a Text Link Ads affiliate we’re pleased to let you know that we’ve
begun using tinyurl.com to shorten and secure our affiliate referral
links. We encourage you to update your affiliate links using the
Homepage URL

Starter Promo URL

** Please note that our old affiliate urls will no longer work in one
week so please update today. Thank you!
Text Link Ads

I have not contacted TLA in regards to this email, nor do I intend to. There is no question that a company such as TLA would not, ever, use a service like TinyURL for their all-important affiliate links. When clicking on the links, they do go to TLA, as promised. However, they don’t appear to use any affiliate ID ( I figured they would use the scammer’s affiliate code ). So I’m not really sure what the point of this is, except perhaps to cheat everyone out of some cash?

Anyway, don’t go changing your TLA affiliate links. Leave them alone, they’re working fine, and they’ll continue to work fine. And if you aren’t a member, sign up via the link in my sidebar.

Kontera nabs $10.3 Million in VC Money

I don’t often read Tech Crunch, but they posted a little tidbit about Kontera, one of my favorite money make sources.  In July, Kontera accounted for a whopping 24% of my total online income.  TC reported that Kontera was able to secure an additional $10.3 million in their second round of funding.  That means good news for all Kontera publishers – they won’t have any problem paying us :).  Not that I’ve had any issues in that area, of course.  If you’re not familiar with Kontera, check out my Kontera Review.

On another note, I didn’t know that Kontera is an Israeli company.  That makes me like them even more – I have a huge amount of respect for Israel and Israeli people in general.  They put up with a lot of crap from a lot of people, and they don’t whine about it.

Thoof.com Review

What, exactly, is Thoof? Thoof is like Digg or Netscape, but with a bit of a twist. Over at Digg, the Digg Mob pretty much controls everything. If the Mob doesn’t like a story, it’ll get buried, and you may never see it. They claim democracy, but really there’s no such thing. At Thoof, the stories that are shown are based on your personal tastes – personalized news, if you will. There’s no angry Digg mob to be seen. Thoof remembers what stories you like, and shows you stories that go along with your tastes.

One of the differentiating features that Thoof has ( besides their name ) is the ThoofRank badge. Basically you drop a line of HTML into your post, and the ThoofRank badge will show how popular your post is with Thoof’s readers. The ThoofRank badge below is for another post, and as of the time of posting it’s just at 1% – I sure hope that goes up!

What’s with the name?

By now you’re no doubt wondering why in the world these guys choose Thoof as their name. It certainly doesn’t roll off the tongue like Digg does, that’s for sure. Apparently the name originally started off as “The Horse’s Hoof”, which I guess is supposed to be like “The cat’s meow”. Since that name was too long, it got shortened to “The Hoof”. Since the tech guy isn’t so much with the Engrish, it ended up as Thoof.com.

The Google is Angry

I’ve angered the Google again, it seems.  Green Llama dropped from PR4 to PR1 for no apparent reason that I can figure.  I haven’t seen a PR update on any other of my sites – just this one. How annoying.

July 2007 Online Earnings Report

july-2007 Another month has come and gone, in spectacular fashion. So far this year, May has been my best month – an all time record for me , in fact. Fortunately I’m a fan of breaking records and setting new ones – like I did in July. Compared to June, net profit jumped 59% – not shabby at all. It was even up 25% from my previous record May. “Best Month so Far” isn’t a bad thing at all; in fact, it’s a great feeling. Let’s break it down:


July marked my second best Adsense month to date – up 31% from June. Still didn’t match my May Adsense numbers, but I’m not complaining. Adsense revenue made up 34% of my total income for the month – right around a third. Still high, but I can live with it.

Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads held steady this month, with a 2% increase. That’s what I love about TLA – it’s relatively steady. TLA made up 13% of my total income for July.


Linkworth continues to be solid, increasing every month I’ve been a member so far. Linkworth income was up 24% for the month, and made up a total of 6% of my income. I expect these numbers to keep getting stronger as my inventory sells.


Oh Kontera, how I love thee. Best month ever for Kontera – I love saying that. Kontera income was up 24% over June, and a few bucks over June, which was my previous best. It made up 24% of my total income for July.

Affiliate Programs

Since I shut down my PPC marketing efforts, I won’t see any more affiliate losses for awhile. Hence, I swung from a loss to a small affiliate profit. The small profit only accounted for 2% of my income, but profit is profit, and I’ll gladly take it over a loss, any day.

Sponsored Posts

I worked hard on the sponsored post front, and picked up a lot of great opportunities. Income from this stream went up 1600%, and accounted for an impressed 21% of my total income. I think there’s a simply amazing amount of potential for sponsored posts – they provide an incredible value to the advertiser at a very reasonable cost. The permanent links are worth much more than the advertiser pays for them. I will continue to ramp up sponsored post participation, provided that they are relevant, and don’t overshadow my regular posts.

July 2007 Overview and looking forward

July 2007 was fantastic in just about every facet. Every metric that I track was up, up, up, which leaves me little room to complain. I’ll continue to focus on getting better sponsored post opportunities, and moving income to “fixed” sources like TLA and Linkworth. August will be a fantastic month.

2007 Year to Date

2007-ytd I’m very happy about the direction that 2007 is taking. I’ve done a great job diversifying my income, and reducing my dependence on Adsense. Just imagine, if I was still only using Adsense ( like I once did ), then I would have made just a third of what I made this month. By putting my eggs in different baskets, I’ve tripled my income this month.

I’m learning what works and what doesn’t every month, slowly. I’m going to continue working hard on the profitable projects, and tossing the others to the side. On to August, and new records. After all, what fun is setting records if you don’t get to break them?

Green Llama Blast from the Past

I found myself getting a little nostalgic today.  Or maybe I was looking for something that I couldn’t find, who knows.  It’s hard to say how I ever end up doing anything really.  In any case, I stumbled across this post – one of my earliest.  It’s short, simple, and to the point.  It’s not very eloquent either – I was a horrid writer back then ( Not like I’m Leonard Hemingway or some other fancy writer now, but I suck less ).  Anyway, it’s a good post.  The point hammers home, and it’s advice that you really need to take to heart.  The post is called Quitting.

Take a few minutes to go through some of your old comments, and click on the reader’s links.  I’d bet than half of the sites are abandoned, and will have no chance at every going  anywhere.  If you don’t want to end up like that, then take the advice. Quitting sucks.



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