Palm Centro to launch soon

September 11th, 2007

palm-centro-sprint Q4 2007, according to Sprint. That means very, very soon. This is about as official as these things get, so you can bet on it. Sprint is the carrier for now, with no word on whether anyone else will get it. Likely Verizon will have access to it in a few months, as that’s how these things usually pan out.

Click on the pic for some of the specs – the rest are still a mystery.

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The iPhone can do it all

September 7th, 2007

We all know that the iPhone is more than just a regular phone.  But did you know that it can be mace?  How about sideburns?  Right now you’re probably looking at your monitor thinking “What is this cat smoking?”.  Check out this video and all your questions will be answered.

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Palm Cancels Foleo

September 6th, 2007

The Palm Foleo was created as a sort of sub-laptop device – something easier to enter data into than your Treo, but easier to lug around than a laptop.  What it ended up as was a completely pointless device.  Carrying one around is basically no different than carrying a laptop – without the functionality, of course.  Overpriced, underpowered, and pointless pretty much sums it up.  Fortunately the execs at Palm figured this out before actually launching the Foleo to the public – though apparently the R&d for the device cost them a cool $10 million.  Good to see Palm dropped it before they wasted any more time and money.  C’mon Palm – now it’s time to work on a new OS, and some new Treo models.

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Palm Centro

September 3rd, 2007

There are now various pics of the upcoming Palm Centro floating around – though no hard specs yet.  Word is that it’s a small unit with lower hardware specs, aimed at the youth market.  Target price is reported to be $99 – though I’d say that’s surely with a contract.  Still, an impressive price target, and opens up the Treo line to younger users.  Get em hooked while they’re young, right?

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Avot Media Review

September 3rd, 2007

Avot Media is a mobile video site, and they’re looking to spread the word about their service.  That’s why they’ve ordered this paid review of their site – to get my take on their product.  So let’s get right down to it – what in the world is Avot Media?  Basically, if you’re the owner of a Windows Mobile 5 ( Pocket PC or Smartphone Edition ), then you can use Avot mV to browse and view videos on the go.  The videos come from sites such as YouTube, Google Videos, and more, so you can view all the stuff you’d see on your desktop, but on your smartphone.

Avot mV Installation

Installation is a breeze – simply point your browser to the Avot Mobile Site, and the installation takes place OTA ( over the air ).  Once it downloads, the player installs automatically and launches right away.  The whole process took less than a minute on my Sprint PPC-6700’s EVDO connection. 

Avot mV Player

When you launch the player, you can either search for a video of your choosing, or select one of the channels using the soft buttons on your Windows Mobile device.  There are tons of channels such as music videos, politics, cartoons, TV shows, and entertainment.  The playback was overall pretty good, but at times choppy.  That was a little disappointing considering that I’m using an EVDO connection.   Hopefully it was just a temporary network issue, since EVDO is currently the fastest mobile data network available. 

I’m not sure how well the service works on a GPRS / EDGE connection – I don’t have such a connection to test.  The good news is that the lag / buffering issues go away completely when you are able to hop on a WiFi connection.  These connections aren’t always available, of course, and that’s why I think it’s important to note the EVDO performance.

Avot Media is still in beta – which means there is room for improvement.  If you want to stay on top of development and updates, subscribe to the Avot Blog, where all important updates are posted.  I’m not sure what features they might put in place – the program already seems feature-filled, and only possibly network capacity limited.  However, I’m sure Avot Media has some sort of surprises in mind, and will introduce new features as time goes on.  In the mean time, enjoy your mobile access to thousands of movies that most folks have to sit in front of their computer to see.

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August 3rd, 2007

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post – I am being compensated to write this review, however, as always, I will be honest in my opinion and evaluation of the service.

The big benefit of buying a GSM phone is that it works just about anywhere in the world – just swap in a local-use SIM card and you’re all set.  Well, that’s a benefit in theory.  In reality, most phone carries “lock” their GSM phones, so that they can only be used on their network.  So you have to buy a phone from the carrier, lock yourself into a long-term contract, and stick with it even if you are unhappy with the service.  The only way to get out is to pay some ridiculous contract termination fees.

Luckily there is a solution – buy an Unlocked Phone from  These phones are unlocked before they’re sent out to you, so they’ll work on the GSM carrier of your choice.  You don’t have to sign a contract, and if you’re unhappy with a carrier’s service, you’re free to switch.  The carriers don’t like this, of course, but they do want your business badly, so they put up with it. has a huge selection of unlocked GSM phones – including one of my favorites, the Nokia N95.  This one goes for $624.99, which sounds like a lot – but it’s $125 off list price.  Remember – that’s also without a contract too, so you aren’t tied down.  When you keep that in mind, the cost isn’t nearly as high as it sounds.

Unlocked GSM phones have been around for a bit – but usually only available at small online shops.  Now that is offering them, you don’t need to have any concerns. is one of the oldest online merchants, so you know that you’ll get what you order ,and your information is safe.  So if you’re a GSM customer, I say head on over and check out their phones.

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Treo 755p Thoughts

August 3rd, 2007

After having my Treo 755p for awhile, I have few thoughts on it. 

Overall I’m glad I upgraded, considering that I had the stability problems on my 700p as well.  The changes are overall pretty positive, though I am getting sick of the constant crashing.  I’m sure I could make 90% of the crashes go away by removing Agendus, but I just haven’t found a good replacement yet.  Anyone know of a good alternative to Agendus?  I love how it integrates meetings and the to-do list – that’s the only reason I use it.  I don’t care about any of the other fancy features.

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iPhone and it’s untapped potential

July 3rd, 2007

apple-iphone The world will not know the true potential of the iPhone for many months. The fact that Apple chose to go with ATT’s network for it’s first phone launch was a potentially huge mistake. Granted, the masses will not know the difference, but power users will. What am I talking about? The data network, of course. ATT’s EDGE is ok, but it pales in comparison to the EVDO network that both Sprint and Verizon offer. I’m a Sprint fan, and they do have the cheaper data plans of the two CDMA carriers, but either one would do.

Since the iPhone is so data-centric, I’m very surprised at Apple’s choice of carriers. Once the iPhone wanders over to the CDMA side, then the true power will be known – and the other smartphones will tremble.

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Ordered my Treo 755p

July 2nd, 2007

treo-755p-blue.jpgI even surprised myself by forking over $279.99 for a brand new Treo 755p. In my last post, I pretty much had my mind made up about not buying one. However, I needed a new business phone, and decided to spring for it. What changed my mind? Well, a couple things. One, after applying the Palm update to my trusty 700p, I now have blurry text that no one besides myself can see. However, I can see it and it hurts my eyes.

I also like the smaller size of the 755p ( yes it’s an amazingly small difference, but I’ll take it ). No antenna is a plus as well. It is a shame that I have to buy a new memory card, but they’re cheap.

I almost bought the Mogul instead ( simply amazing phone ), but I would miss the one-handed operation of the Treo. I’ll report back in a few days on my impressions.

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Sprint Treo 755p Officially Available

May 23rd, 2007

Sprint / Palm have officially released the Treo 755p, to little fanfare.  The “upgrades” to the Treo 700p are so minimal that most would not notice anything beyond the loss of the antenna.  So, what did Palm change?

I’m a diehard Treo fan, always have been , at least since the Treo 600 days.  I’m also a diehard Palm OS fan.  However, there is precisely zero chance that I’ll drop any money on the Treo 755p, even if it was absurdly cheap.  It isn’t any different than the 700p – at least not appreciably so.  Anyone else with a 700p is probably in the same boat.

Everyone who is making Windows smartphone’s these days is on the ball, and innovating.  Look at the Dash for example – a nice, slim form factor.  Why can’t we have a Treo that is slim and lightweight?  How about an updated operating system?  Perhaps improved stability and more included applications so we don’t have to rely on third party apps? 

There will probably come a day when even I will make the switch to a non-Palm OS smartphone.  I don’t look forward to it, but Palm is not innovating anymore, while everyone else is.

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Sprint Treo 755p pictures

April 23rd, 2007

Sprint Treo 755p The Treo 755p for Sprint that I posted about recently looks to be on the way in the very near future.  Take a look at a couple of the spy shots – it uses the same form factor as the GSM Treo 750. 

Just about every Treo 700p user has been hoping for an updated, slimmer Treo for Sprint.  I think Palm could’ve done more with regards to making the 700p slimmer – just look at the Apple iPhone for proof that it’s possible.  However, the lack of an antenna is a big plus, and something we’ve been asking about for quite some time. 

Hard specs are still up in the air.  I wouldn’t expect any groundbreaking hardware updates this late in the game… someone would’ve heard a whisper by now if that was the case.  I’m just hoping for increased stability and speed – that would probably make me a happy camper.

More pictures at Engadget.

Sprint Treo 755p side

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Wirefly Mobile Review

January 9th, 2007

Before I begin, this post is a sponsored post. I am a member of Review Me, a program that advertisers use to raise awareness of their websites. I am required to acknowledge that this is a sponsored post, but I will give an honest review. I.E. I am not required to give a positive review, if I don’t feel the site deserves it. If I was, I wouldn’t be doing this post.  Ok, on to business. ( or Wirefly mobile ) is a website that sells cell phones.  The hook is that nearly all of their cell phone offerings are free.  Often there is a rebate involved to get the phone for free, and in every case there is a contract required.  Look for two years, so make sure you choose your phone wisely.

Notice how I said most phones are free – key word being most.  Some phones, very notably the Treo line, will cost you.  Wirefly does offer a significant discount to help ease the pain of the high cost, but you will not get away from.  Current prices on either of the Sprint Treo 700 models is $250 after rebates.

As long as you watch out for the final price of the phone, you should be ok.  There is a quite a nice selection of FAR ( free after rebate ) phones available, so everyone should be able to find something they like.  Wirefly even has accessories and ringtones, if that is your thing. 

So, would I use Wirefly?  Well, probably not.  I’m perpetually in a contract with Sprint, and I doubt that will ever end.  Sprint has been good to me, and I don’t plan on taking my business elsewhere.  But for someone who needs a new line of service, Wirefly offers a great selection of products; and the price is certainly right.

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Mobile Phone Forums Review

November 24th, 2006

Before I begin, this post is a sponsored post. I am a member of Review Me, a program that advertisers use to raise awareness of their websites. I am required to acknowledge that this is a sponsored post, but I will give an honest review. I.E. I am not required to give a positive review, if I don’t feel the site deserves it. Ok, on to business.

Mobile Phone Forums is a forum website ( I bet you couldn’t see that coming ) that is relatively new. There are a total of seven different forums that you can post in, including the Lounge area where anything goes. The other forums are : Phones, Networks, Extras, Accessories, News, and of course, Introductions. Currently there aren’t any subforums, which is a good thing considering the size of the site. Creating subforums too early in the development of a forum site is a big mistake – it spreads out posts too much, and makes it look like there’s very little activity going on. Besides, subforums can always be added later as needed.

One of the interesting points about this site is the News forum. I think at some point, they should break out this forum as a blog instead. That way, the posts inside can be organized by category, and navigation would be much easier. Plus, it would allow the site owners to add things like a storefront very easily if they decide to. Chitika has a great offering in this area.

There is a great deal of information to be found on Mobile Phone Forums. I’m a fan of new mobile forums – some of the very old forums tend to get stale. Newer forums like this one tend to be fresher, and with a more active readership. If you haven’t had an opportunity, go check out their site – it’s worth a bookmark.

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Google Maps for your Treo

October 22nd, 2006

Not too long ago, I realized that the Google Maps website worked on my Treo 700p – and I was extremely happy. Lack of a very good map solution was one of the main places my Treo was sorely lacking. The problem with the website was that it was fairly slow to load up and get anything done. So we had a working solution, just not a very good one. No worries – apparently Google really does think about us Treo users. Enter Google Maps – the application. No, this is not a Kmaps rehash; this one was released by Google itself. The download is a little over 450kb, so it’s a bit hefty, but no problem for my EV-DO connection. The OTA install was painless as usual, and the application is fantastic. Very fast to load, you can scroll the screen just like you can on your desktop. Loading new portions of the map is extremely easy. Possibly the best part? It keeps a record of the locations you type in – it saves you a ton of typing.
If you own a Treo, this is an absolute must-have application. It’s well worth the memory it takes up, and no Treo should be without it.

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Treo vs Ipaq

October 19th, 2006

Click here to claim your PDA Phone

Click here to claim your PDA Phone

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