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10 Must-haves for the next Palm OS Treo

13 March 2006

Here are the things that I’d like to see on the next Palm OS Treo. These things would ensure that I’d stay a loyal Palm, and Palm OS customer.

1. Multitasking – Probably the biggest Windows Mobile advantage.
2. EVDO – Absolute must-have.
3. Better stability – Ideally the core of this will be more software features built-in, so less “hacks” will be needed for functionality.
4. More memory – 23 MB free on the Treo 650 was a sick joke, Palm. We need to talk about 64 MB as a bare,bare minimum.
5. Wifi – A smartphone released in 2006 has no excuse to exclude wifi.
6. Faster cpu – cut down on those annoying delays.
7. Push email built in ( chatter hint chatter ) – Would allow Palm to keep pace with Microsoft’s upcoming push email solution.
8. Cradle included – The PPC-6700 has it, and so should the new Treo.
9. Better camera, with flash – not a huge deal, but it would be a nice touch.
10. Better Bluetooth – How could would it be to use a full-size bluetooth keyboard with your Treo?

Alright that’s my list. What do you guys think? Any major things I missed?

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