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2006 Smartphone & PDA Forecast

24 January 2006

Smartphone Reviews Crystal Ball
Mobile Review looked into their crystal ball, and came up with their Smartphone & PDA predictions for 2006. Here’s a few highlights – ‘According to IDC in 2004 the share of Symbian OS in communicator and smartphone sales (converged device – the company’s terminology) made up 55.9% and Windows Mobile – 12.7%. The company predicts that Symbian share will grow to 60% by 2009, and Windows Mobile – to 17.3%.’

‘Two main operating systems on the market – Symbian and Windows Mobile derivatives – will keep their positions, Symbian leading greatly (the lion’s share falls on Nokia). Linux OS won’t get outside the Asian region; ‘

‘The side slider form-factor (like in HTC Wizard) will be most popular;’

I have to admit being surprised that Symbian has such a high market share – although I suppose it is used in many of the more “basic” smartphones. I definately agree with their predictions on Wi-Fi & the slider – wifi will be standard, and the slider will be all over the place.

One of the biggest mysteries will be the Palm OS – will it survive? I certainly hope so – I love diversity. Competition keeps everyone on their toes, and creates a better product overall.

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