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Some Needed Time Off

31 January 2006

Well, it’s time for a bit of time off. I’ve got some things planned for this next week, so you won’t see any new posts until next week. Thanks for reading everybody – and don’t worry, Smartphone Reviews will be back soon!

Canon PIXMA iP90 Printer Review

29 January 2006

I know, I know. This isn’t a smartphone, or even a phone at all. But this is one of those devices that just makes sense for almost all smartphone users. At one time or another, I’m sure you’ve had something you wanted to print from your smartphone, and didn’t feel like syncing to your desktop […]

Smartphone Reviews : Verizon XV6700 Review

27 January 2006

Mobile Tech Review has written a review of the Verizon XV6700 and they wrote – ‘The XV6700 is a compact Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC phone with a standard QVGA display, 416 MHz processor, 64 megs of RAM, 128 megs of flash ROM, EVDO, WiFi, Bluetooth and a 1.3 megapixel camera. Quite a few features […]

Supreme Court Not Hearing RIM Blackberry Case

26 January 2006

More bad news for RIM. I can’t say I’m a huge huge fan of the Blackberries, but they are very innovative, and perform their functions better than anything else around. It would be a real shame to see them go away. The Supreme Court isn’t interested in hearing the RIM case, so we’ll have to […]

2006 Smartphone & PDA Forecast

24 January 2006

Mobile Review looked into their crystal ball, and came up with their Smartphone & PDA predictions for 2006. Here’s a few highlights – ‘According to IDC in 2004 the share of Symbian OS in communicator and smartphone sales (converged device – the company’s terminology) made up 55.9% and Windows Mobile – 12.7%. The company predicts […]

Treo 700w not a Smartphone?

23 January 2006

Treo Today posted this about the Treo 700w. It seems Cingular doesn’t technically consider the 700w a smartphone, because of the OS version. I have to agree with Azizi – that’s ridiculous. IMHO every Treo ( not counting the ill-advised Treo 90 ) is a smartphone – regardless of OS. And my Treo 650 can […]

Smartphone Reviews : RIM Blackberry 7100i

23 January 2006

Mobiledia reviews the RIM Blackberry 7100i and they write – ‘Featuring a large 240 x 260 px screen, the 7100i is capable of displaying 65K colors. Much of the reason RIM was able to condense the bulk was using a reduced size QWERTY keypad. Located below easy-to-use Send, End, and Convenience keys, a 20 button […]

CNN Money reviews the Palm Treo 700w

22 January 2006

CNN Money has a great review on the Palm Treo 700w, and they brought to light one of the biggest issues with Verizon’s EV-DO – it’s totally unaffordable. $60/ mo for internet on my phone?? That’s more than I pay for cable internet at my home. Yikes. Hopefully when Sprint joins the party, competition will […]

Project-a-Phone : at Smartphone Reviews

21 January 2006

This new company called Project-a-Phone has their first product out. It’s called – Project-a-Phone. Creative, I know. Anyway, it lets you output your phone’s screen to a computer, for anything you’d like. It outputs the entire phone screen, and it’s not just limited to a few programs. This is definately a neat idea, although the […]

Sirius Radio on your Windows Smartphone

20 January 2006

Have a Sirius Radio subscription? How would you like to use it everywhere? Now you can access your Sirius account right from your Windows Mobile Smartphone. Check out the article at Smartphone Thoughts

Smartphone Reviews : Nextel i930 Review

19 January 2006

Smartphone Thoughts reviews the Nextel i930 and writes – ‘Now that you have read through the complete review, you must have noticed that I have had mostly positive things to say about this Motorola Smartphone. Personally I think that Motorola has done an excellent job in customizing the Windows Mobile operating system to meet the […]

Smartphone Reviews : Samsung i300x

18 January 2006

Engadget has the scoop on the Samsung i300x – here’s a clip – ‘Ok, look, we’re gonna be straight up on this one. We do like the fact that Samsung’s not settling down on the i300 and releasing the thing as a one-off or something like that — and we’re certainly not complaining about getting […]

Smartphone Reviews : Sony Ericsson P990

17 January 2006

Mobile-Review has some great info on the upcoming Sony Ericsson P990. Here’s an excerpt – ‘The designers tried to keep the look of Sony Ericsson P900/P910 and make it as rememberable. The difference in the body size is not very big, since this phone has the dimensions of 114x57x25 mm and the P900, for instance, […]

Smartphone Reviews : Sony Ericsson P970 Preview

16 January 2006

Engadget has a short preview of the Sony Ericsson P970. This model is supposed to be a trimmed – down version of the upcoming Sony Ericsson P990. Looks like they’re keeping the touchscreen & the jog dial ( Hello Sony Clie! ). Here’s hoping that funky qwerty-esque keyboard goes far, far away.

Smartphone Reviews : Pocket LOOX T800

15 January 2006

RIMarkable has the scoop on the Pocket LOOX T800 – here’s what they have found out – ‘Fujitsu-Siemens will enter into the mobile phone / PDA arena currently dominated by the BlackBerry with two new Pocket LOOX devices, the T810, and the T830. Both devices are rumored to have UMTS, 802.11g, Bluetooth 2.0, 128MB flash […]

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