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Bluetooth DUN Cripped on Treo 700w – at Treo Today

13 January 2006

Thanks to Azizi over at Treo Today for this –Bluetooth DUN is crippled on the Treo 700w. After all the bad press Sprint got for doing this in the original revision of the Treo 650, you’d think Verizon would know better. Sprint did end up enabling Bluetooth DUN on the 650 with a later software […]

Tekkeon myTalker ET700 review at OHGizmo!

12 January 2006

Oh Gizmo! picked up this neat little gadget, the Tekkeon myTalker ET700. Imagine you’re wandering blindly about, blasting whatever crap you listen to on your iPod, and your smartphone starts ringing. Instead of fumbling around to pause your iPod, yang your earbuds out, and dig out your smartphone, just press a button on the remote […]

Bill Gates uses a Treo 700w – Interview at Engadget

10 January 2006

Bill Gates using a Palm device? Well half Palm, half windows. Engadget interviews Billy & here’s what he has to say about the Treo 700w – ‘Well, recently I’ve been using this Treo 700w that I think is a great product, Palm has done a good job on that. We’ve got quite a variety in […]

Backup issues with WindowsMobile 5?

9 January 2006

Smartphone Thoughts brought to light a potentially dangerous issue. There isn’t currently any working backup software for Windowsmobile 5. I don’t yet have a WM5 device to gauge how stable it is, but I am an absolute backup fanatic. My Treo 650 gets backed up daily, if not twice daily. Sometimes 3 times. Rolling backups […]

Google Maps on the Treo 650 – at Smartphone Reviews

8 January 2006

Ivan Mitrovic over at uLocate has found a way to get the excellent Google Maps on the Treo 650. It involves installing Java on your Treo, so it does take up a solid amount of RAM. He calls his creation “KMaps” , probably because GMaps would make Mr. Google unhappy ;). Like I said, you’ll […]

Smartphone Reviews : The Motorola Q Shows up at 2006 International CES

8 January 2006

Geekzone got a quick look at the Motorola Q Windows Mobile Smartphone at 2006 International CES and said ‘Enough said. Just look at these pictures – I wouldn’t mind replacing my Telecom Apache for one of these new Motorola Q on CDMA…’

Smartphone Reviews : Pocket Tunes now supports Yahoo Music Engine

7 January 2006

Thanks to Everything Treo for the tip. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pocket Tunes – you should be. In fact, it really belongs as item number 7 on my Top 6 Applications for your Palm – based Treo Smartphone. It blows away the default RealPlayer which is included on the Treo 650. […]

Top 6 Applications for your Palm – based Treo Smartphone – At Smartphone Reviews

7 January 2006

I’ve been using Treos for awhile – first the 600 , currently the 650. I have a bad habit of installing, and later uninstalling, a ton of software. See, I have the attention span of a doorknob – a doorknob doesn’t even know who opened it last. But some programs have been constants on my […]

Smartphone Reviews : Nokia N80 Preview at MobileBurn

6 January 2006

MobileBurn has posted a short preview of the Nokia N80 smartphone and they say – ‘The N80 sports a large, 352×416 pixel resolution screen with up to 262,000 colors, 40MB internal memory, miniSD expansion slot, 3 megapixel camera, and runs the recently re-branded S60 operating system.’

Smartphone Reviews : Palm Treo 700w Review at Personal Technology

6 January 2006

Personal Technology reviews the Palm Treo 700w – and it turns out they’re not impressed. Here’s a snippet – “But the resolution of the screen on the 700w, a vastly more important component, has changed for the worse. Although it is about the same physical size as the 650 screen, it has a resolution of […]

Smartphone Reviews : Samsung i830

5 January 2006

Mobileburn has a preview of the Samsung i830. They write – “Dropping the i730’s WiFi capabilities in favor of EV-DO wireless access, the Samsung i830 is a quad-band handset running the Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC 2nd edition (what a mouth full). It is unfortunate that Samsung has decided not to make the i830 […]

News : Kids busted for selling marijuana with cellphones

4 January 2006

This is a creative, if misguided, use for MMS. It seems some kiddies up in Massachusetts would send an MMS with the picture of the particular drug they were selling, along with info on when & where to buy it. Thank to The Register for the news.

Smartphone Reviews : Palm Treo 700W Released on Verizon Network

4 January 2006

From Palm Inc’s press release today – “The Palm Treo 700w smartphone from Verizon Wireless is available for $399.99 after $100 instant rebate with a two-year service agreement when accompanied by a voice plan of $39.99 or higher and an unlimited PDA/smartphone data plan.”

Blackberry 7290 Review at Mobile Tech Review

3 January 2006

Mobile Tech Review reviews the Blackberry 7290 and writes – ‘Add Bluetooth and an extra radio band to an established line up of solid corporate messaging device and you have the Blackberry 7290 from Research in Motion. For those who missed the Blackberry mobile revolution, the Blackberry is the quintessential mobile messenger. ‘

LG VX9800 Review at Mobiledia

2 January 2006

Mobiledia reviews the LG VX9800 and writes – ‘With so many strengths in imaging, audio, messaging, storage, and connectivity, it’s difficult to point out any significant weaknesses. But if there is one, it would have to be its size. Fitting a QWERTY keyboard requires the real estate to type comfortably, and unfortunately the VX9800 is […]

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