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My absence explained

28 February 2006

I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately. I caught the sickness and haven’t slept in days. I’m gonna try to head to the doctor today so they can tell me what’s wrong… maybe bronchitis or something. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that I haven’t given up on Smartphone Reviews, or died or […]

Nokia N70 review

22 February 2006

All About Symbian reviews the Nokia N70 and writes – ‘The Nokia 6630 was perhaps the base for the modern generation of smartphones, being the first with 3G and stereo music output, but the 6680 refined the concept further, at the expense of gotchas like having less RAM to run programs in. The N70 is […]

BenQ P50 Review

21 February 2006

Mobile-review reviews the BenQ P50 and writes – ‘After two weeks of active use and tests of Siemens/BenQ P50 as the main phone we can say the following. We liked the device, it is solid and proportional, it has nice design, its weight and dimensions are appropriate for comfortable use. Using its keyboard you can […]

BlackBerry 8700g Review

20 February 2006

The BlackBerry 8700g was released recently in Europe on T-Mobile’s network. ITWeek reviews the BlackBerry 8700g and writes – ‘Available now from T-Mobile, the 8700g is the first BlackBerry with an Intel XScale chip. However, its most important features are the familiar BlackBerry functions of push email, phone capability and web browsing.’ Mobile Tech News […]

Samsung SGH-i750 : Smartphone Preview

19 February 2006

Phone Arena previews the Samsung SGH-i750 and they write – ‘FCC pages have just showed the Samsung SGH-i750 phone documents. They reveal that it’s a tri-band (900/1800/1900MHz) GSM phone with cutting edge functionality, in slider design and not so big size. The device is based on Windows Mobile for Pocket PC Phones operating system, but […]

VoIP using WiFi on your Smartphone?

18 February 2006

PC Mag reports that soon we’ll have phones than can make VoIP calls on a WiFi network – ‘Chipmaker Royal Philips Electronics confirmed that a U.S. cellular carrier will launch voice-over-Wi-Fi technology this year, based on Philips’ new Nexperia 6120 chipset. Callers should be able to make calls on their home Wi-Fi networks for “a […]

Google Pagerank updated

18 February 2006

I normally don’t post crap like this, because no one cares. After all, you folks come here to read about the latest & greatest smartphones. But I was excited to see that my Google Pagerank updated from a not-so-good -0- to an awesome 5! Anyways thanks for reading guys – and here’s to moving up […]

Picture Dial for the Treo 650 Review

16 February 2006

Ahh Picture Dial. One of the coolest things about the Treo 700w. Now us Treo 650 users have a solution – Picture Dial by Toysoft. recently reviewed this software , and it seems like they love it. Here’s a snippet – ‘Now here comes the ingenious part that Danny Wong of Toysoft added: When […]

Sprint Treo 650 EV-DO Capable?

15 February 2006

Gizmodo reportedly has a source at either Palm or Sprint ( depending on which post you read ) that claims EV-DO is a software solution – not hardware. That would imply that a software upgrade could bring EV-DO to the Treo 650. I have to admit to being skeptical, but can you imagine if this […]

T-Mobile SDA Review

14 February 2006

CNET reviews the T-Mobile SDA and writes – ‘Oh, and the phone itself? It sounds great, and you can chat till your heart’s content with the SDA’s extralong battery life. Our only major gripe would have to be the cramped keypad–an advantage we give to the similarly featured and priced Cingular 2125.’ Design Technica reviews […]

Samsung i320 – Just Announced

13 February 2006

I caught this at Smartphone Thoughts – Samsung just announced the Samsung i320 – what a sweet looking phone! The Samsung i320 will come with Windows Mobile 5.0 , Bluetooth, a 1.3 MP camera, and a micro-SD slot. Best part? 11.5 mm thick – that’s one THIN smartphone. Even without Wi-Fi, I think the Samsung […]

HP Releases iPAQ 6900 Smartphone

13 February 2006

Gizmodo just announced that HP released the iPAQ 6900 Smartphone.  This device has Windows Mobile 5.0, and features lots of goodies such as: EDGE, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and a 1.3 MP digital camera.  Probably the biggest highlight ( besides the GPS maybe ) is the new messaging program that feature push email – blackberry & […]

Palm releases Sprint Treo 650 Update

13 February 2006

Palm released this update, version 1.13, for Sprint’s Treo 650 just a few weeks ago. Most of you should already have version 1.12 by now, so this isn’t a huge update, with only 2 additional fixes. Integrates the Treo 650 E911 Updater to improve the ability of emergency response personnel to locate users who dial […]

Cingular 8125 Review

11 February 2006

With such a great design, it was only a matter of time before Cingular adopted the HTC Wizard ( GSM version of the HTC Apache. ) Cingular calls it the 8125, and no doubt it’ll be successful. I just can’t say enough good things about this design. The 8125 looks like it has a nicer […]

Sprint PPC-6700 Revisited

8 February 2006

The other day, my wife decided it was finally time to upgrade from her trusty Treo 600. Heck I was proud of her – neither of us have ever kept one phone that long without upgrading. After deciding that she really couldn’t live without a smartphone, the most appealing phone on the market was the […]

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