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Avantgo for Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition

30 March 2006

Avantgo was just released for Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition. I remember way back before smartphones were even thought of – Avantgo was -the- app to have. Nowadays, it’s probably not as useful, since we all have smartphones of one type or another with data access. For those on a non-unlimited data plan, this is a […]

UMPC – What’s the point?

29 March 2006

I’m sure everyone who has the internet has heard about the UMPC – Ultra Mobile PC. If you don’ have the internet, then you’re probably not reading this, so I don’t care about you. I want to like the UMPC – I really, really do. After all, I love gadgets of just about every shape […]

Links for the day

28 March 2006

A couple quick links I wanted to put up here to feed your smartphone addictions. First – Smartphone Thoughts is having a contest, in which they give away a free i-mate SP5m. All you have to do is tell them why you deserve it – cool! I’m definately going to enter this one. Treonauts has […]

VITO AudioNotes Review

27 March 2006

VITO Technology recently asked me to review AudioNotes – a voice and sound recording program. I thought it was a great idea – I love the chance to review new Windows Mobile software. So here goes. Installing AudioNotes was very simple – just run the included EXE file and the installer takes care of everything […]

Mago Mobile Premium smartphone

25 March 2006

MobileBurn posted this about a mystery new smartphone – the Mago Mobile Premium – ‘While we don’t expect to ever see this device produced beyond the existing prototypes, photos and specs from a new Windows Mobile design have started making their way around the internet. Designed by MaslovDesign and built by Tancher, the Mago Mobile […]

PDA Paralysis – by Smartphone Thoughts

22 March 2006

Smartphone Thoughts recently made a brief but great post. It talks about “PDA Paralysis” – basically the inability to walk & use your PDA or phone. Many people have it, some worse than others. It involves walking along, and coming to a complete halt while jacking around with your PDA / phone. Usually there are […]

Smartphone Reviews is 3 months old

22 March 2006

Happy 3 month anniversary! Wooha! How should we celebrate?

Gigabyte gSmart Review

21 March 2006

PocketPC Thoughts reviews the Gigabyte gSmart and writes – ‘Again, I will note that the gSmart test device I received directly from Gigabyte did not contain the final version of the firmware, so there are likely a few more changes to be implemented and bug-fixes to be resolved. I can’t even be sure that the […]

More Palm Treo 700p rumors

20 March 2006

There are quite a few Treo 700p pics floating about these days. The latest word is a supposed release date of May 28, 2006 for Sprint. Treonauts has some info on what the Treo 700p is supposed to be all about – ‘ * Reception is supposed to be ‘spectacular’ * Runnning PalmOS Garnet v5.4.9 […]

Treo 650 Cake for Engadget

20 March 2006

Engadget recently had a contest to celebrate their 2nd anniversary – bake the coolest Engadget-themed cake, and win an Alienware PC. There were a lot of pretty cool entries, but one stood faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar above the rest – a huge Treo 650-shaped cake. If that weren’t cool enough, it’s actually functional. I’ve got to say that […]

T-Mobile MDA Review

18 March 2006

CNET reviews the T-Mobile MDA and writes – ‘Armed with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, EDGE support, and Windows Mobile 5, the nondescript T-Mobile MDA–a rebranded version of the HTC Wizard–makes for an enticing addition to T-Mobile’s staid lineup of long-in-the-tooth handhelds. As one of CNET’s editors put it, it’s like a Sidekick […]


17 March 2006

The good folks over at TreoHQ posted a tip for those new Treo users who may not know, or even the long-time users who may have forgotten. To adjust the screen brightness on a Treo 650 or 700w, you just press “option + p”. Simple things like that tend to remind me why I’m a […]

10 Must-haves for the next Palm OS Treo

13 March 2006

Here are the things that I’d like to see on the next Palm OS Treo. These things would ensure that I’d stay a loyal Palm, and Palm OS customer. 1. Multitasking – Probably the biggest Windows Mobile advantage. 2. EVDO – Absolute must-have. 3. Better stability – Ideally the core of this will be more […]

Treo 650 vs PPC-6700 showdown

13 March 2006

Lately I’ve had more time at home with my wife, so I have both my Treo 650 and her PPC-6700 to choose from if I want to look something up. More and more, I find myself reaching for the PPC-6700, rather than my trusty old Treo 650. Why? A little bit of everything I think. […]

Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket LOOX T830 Review

10 March 2006

If that isn’t THE worst possible name I’ve ever heard…. Anyway on to the good stuff. EngadgetMobile reviews the Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket LOOX T830 and writes – ‘This gadgetfreak’s delight sports a Windows Mobile 5-powered Intel PXA270 416MHz processor, GSM/UMTS, WiFi, Bluetooth, SIRF Star III GPS, dual cameras (two megapixel and VGA), 64MB RAM/128MB ROM, SDIO/MMC […]

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