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Nokia N80 Review at Crave

30 April 2006

Crave reviews the Nokia N80 and absolutely loves it – ‘This isn’t the perfect phone — although we’re prepared to say it’s very close. It’s still too big as a viable ‘mobile’ phone, measuring a chunky 50 by 95 by 26mm and the battery life is zapped by the Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. After only […]

BlackBerry 8700g Review at CNet

28 April 2006

CNet reviews the Blackberry 8700g and seems to be impressed – ‘Like its cousin, the BlackBerry 8700c for Cingular, the BlackBerry 8700g offers users a next-gen device with a full QWERTY keyboard, and it comes with an Intel processor and EDGE speeds for faster performance. In addition to support for Bluetooth 2.0 and up to […]

My Journey to the Treo world

28 April 2006

Sometimes I wonder how I ever came to be a Treo / smartphone fanatic. I decided to draw a roadmap of how I came to own a Treo. It was a pretty long process, and involved a lot of bouncing around here and there. It all started with a cheap, plastic screened PDA….. Palm M100 […]

Nokia N80 Review

26 April 2006

The Nokia N80 is the latest and greatest from the world’s largest phone manufacturer. With the brilliant screen, fantastic form factor, and incredible connectivity options, this phone is a guaranteed home run. The only thing potentially holding it back is the Symbian OS. I know, I know, I keep harping on that. There’s a reason […]

T-Mobile Sidekick III Receives FCC Approval

26 April 2006

For reasons unbeknownst to me, the Sidekick devices always prove to be pretty popular. I think there are much, much better devices out there, with better form factors, more features, and more overall functionality. But who am I to judge? You likes what you likes, and you buys what you likes. Via Dave’s PDA.

Cingular 2125 Review Roundup

25 April 2006

It’s been awhile since my original Cingular 2125 post, and there have been quite a few reviews since then. Here we go. CNet reviews the Cingular 2125 and writes – ‘The 2125 is Cingular’s first company-branded B2B device and offers many of the same great qualities of the SMT5600, but it adds some upgrades, such […]

Treo 700w Update Gone

24 April 2006

Itching to update your Verizon Treo 700w so you can access push email via your exchange server? Unless you’ve already installed the update, you’re out of luck for the moment. Palm’s website says the update is temporarily unavailable, whatever that means. It also says that if you’ve already installed the update, then disregard the message. […]

Orange SPV M600 Review

24 April 2006

The Orange SPV M600 is a compact PDA released for the Orange network in the UK. This device is a bit of a throwback in some ways, mainly because it has no keyboard. The first smartphones either had a keypad like a regular phone, or a virtual keypad and no ‘hard’ keys, like the M600. […]

Treo Hollywood Pictures Released

18 April 2006

Treonauts has posted some actual photos of the Treo Hollywood. It’s slimmer, sleeker, and antenna-less. It appears to be everything we thought it would be, except for one glaring difference. Instead of the venerable Palm OS, it’s running Windows Mobile 5. Wow. I’ll be the first to say I sure didn’t see this one coming. […]

Cingular 8125 Review Roundup

18 April 2006

There have been quite a few Cingular 8125 reviews posted since my original roundup, and I wanted to point them out to you guys. Mobility Site reviews the Cingular 8125 and writes – ‘I really like this device. Other than GPS, which I only use on occasion, this thing is the complete package. It has […]

VITO Audionotes Version 1.1 Update

18 April 2006

Recently I reviewed VITO Audionotes here at Smartphones Reviews, and it looked like a very solid program. VITO just released an update to Audionotes, as version 1.1 Here are a few of the added features : Call auto-recording. If you simply leave Audionotes running in the background, ( one of the marvels of Windows Mobile […]

Sprint Treo 700p Pricing

17 April 2006

Today is a good day in Treo news. No huge announcements by Palm or Sprint, but we do have some unofficial pricing information. According to Jimmie over at Gadgets on the Go, the Palm Treo 700p will be priced as follows : $499 with a 1 year contract $399 with a 2 year contract. If […]

How do you pronounce Treo?

17 April 2006

Is it Tr – eeee – o or Tr – ay – o? I’ve always said Treo, but a guy I work with calls it Trayo. The little umlaut ( ?? ) over the E makes me wonder which is the proper pronunciation. Perhaps this is one of those Tomato-like words that is pronounced however […]

More medical schools require PDA’s

16 April 2006

‘Brown recently joined a growing number of medical and nursing schools — including the University of Michigan, University of Texas and the UCLA School of Medicine — that require students to buy and use PDAs. Faculty and students say the technology saves time and helps them provide better care, in addition to reducing medical errors. […]

Bluetooth Notifier

15 April 2006

Mobiluck, a bluetooth sniffer if you will, is now Windows Mobile 5 compatible. This software sniffs around and alerts you, by vibration or a beep, when other bluetooth enable devices are in the area. Once they are found, you can send messages and photos. Pretty neat little piece of software. Many smartphones are supported, not […]

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