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Dopod 818 Pro

29 May 2006

While at first glance, you might mistake this device for an O2 XDA Atom, it is in fact a Dopod 818 Pro. Based on the HTC Prophet design, the Dopod 818 Pro has many of the features we’ve come to expect from HTC devices. Dopod 818 Pro Specifications Windows Mobile 5.0 128MB ROM / 64 […]

M.A.G.I.C. Smartphone

26 May 2006

The M.A.G.I.C. Smartphone is one of those devices that makes you step back for just a moment, to make sure you’re really seeing what you’re seeing. Currently a prototype, this device has the potential to leave the smartphone-loving public in awe if released on time, and at a reasonable price. Check it out : M.A.G.I.C. […]

Trade in your Treo 650 for a new 700p

26 May 2006

Looking at the new Treo 700p with longing, but can’t cough up quite enough cash? Don’t fear. Simply send Palm your Treo 650 and get up to $150 back on your purchase of a new Treo 700p. From Palm’s website – ‘Don’t just send your old handheld or smartphone to the trash bin. Put it […]

E-Ten G500 review at Pocket PC Thoughts

26 May 2006

Pocket PC Thoughts reviews the E-Ten G500 and writes – ‘In a market largely dominated by a single device designer, namely HTC, the G500 stands out with its unique and innovative style. But it’s not just a pretty face. E-TEN’s decision to continue including the Samsung 400 mhz processor helps to ensure that you get […]

O2 XDA Trion

26 May 2006

O2 Germany is set to release the O2 XDA Trion – which is based on the new HTC Hermes design. While we don’t have a set release date yet, we should see this device in the early July timeframe. O2 XDA Trion Specifications Samsung 400 mHz CPU – supposedly equivalent to an Intel 520 mHz […]

Palm Treo 700p review at PC Mag

25 May 2006

PC Mag reviews the Palm Treo 700p and writes – ‘At $399 with a two-year contract, the Treo 700p is cheaper than top-end Pocket PCs, but it costs more than BlackBerrys. And the old Treo 650 still isn’t that shabby. Upgrading will be a tough sell to Treo 650 owners, who already have most of […]

T-Mobile MDA Review at MS Mobile News

25 May 2006

MS Mobile News reviews the T-Mobile MDA and doesn’t seem all too impressed – ‘I’m still undecided as to whether I like this device or not. I hate the cheap feel of it but I love the fact it has both wifi and a keyboard in a compact form. It is certainly more usable as […]

USA Today and your Blackberry

25 May 2006

Blackberry owners may find this new software very useful – if they are also readers of USA Today, that is. A company called Mobile Voice Control is introducing a service on Sprint / Nextel Blackberries that allows users to speak commands, and have the Blackberry automatically go to that part of USA Today’s website. While […]

Palm Treo 700p Review at Mobility Today

22 May 2006

Mobility Today reviews the Palm Treo 700p, in video style – ‘Our review will be based strictly on the Sprint version of the 700p in which we believe is a fantastic experience. Treo customers will find EVDO speeds on Blazer truly amazing and fast! During our video review we will go over the hardware and […]

E-Ten G500 Review at Pocket Now

22 May 2006

Pocket Now reviews the E-Ten G500 and laments the lack of a keyboard – ‘Over all, this is a great device. Yes, it does have its quirks and issues, but most devices do. While I would like to see ETEN work on the 850MHz band issue, and get it resolved (I was quite disappointed with […]

Cingular 8125 Review at News Factor

21 May 2006

News Factor reviews the Cingular 8125 and writes – ‘Best of all, the new handset incorporates a higher-speed EDGE component that is capable of delivering data at speeds ranging between 150 and 200 Kbps. Sensitive data stored on the smartphone can be protected by requiring the use of a password every time the device is […]

T-Mobile MDA Review at MobileBurn

19 May 2006

MobileBurn reviews popular T-Mobile MDA and has this to say – ‘There is no denying that the T-Mobile MDA, a variant of the HTC Wizard, is a very capable device. It has EDGE data and 802.11b WiFi connectivity, as well as options for USB, Bluetooth, and even infrared. There is little more that one could […]

E-Ten G500 Review

19 May 2006

E-Ten G500 Specifications Samsung 400 mHz CPU 128 MB ROM / 64 MB RAM GSM/GPRS Integrated GPS E-Ten G500 Reviews Cnet reviews the E-Ten G500 and points out the wireless shortcomings – ‘Unfortunately, the G500 is hurting in the area of wireless connectivity. It lacks integrated Wi-Fi, and there’s no support for EDGE, so you’ll […]

Qtek 8500

19 May 2006

Qtek recently released the 8500 to the folks across the pond in Europe. Based on the HTC Star Trek design, the Qtek 8500 is most noticeably a very thin, very stylish phone. By looking at it, you’d think it was one of those chic new phones that everyone has. But no! Inside you find the […]

Palm Treo 700p Review at CNet

18 May 2006

CNet reviews the Palm Treo 700p and writes – ‘Surfing the Web on the Palm Treo 700p was a relatively good experience. Download speeds weren’t mind-blowing, but the support for Sprint’s EV-DO network definitely made a difference, as even graphics-intensive sites such as loaded quickly. We also watched an episode of Fox’s Prison Break […]

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