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Treo 700p Pricing confirmed

17 May 2006

Sprint announced their pricing for the Palm Treo 700p yesterday. Here goes : With no contract : $649 With 1yr contract: $549 With 2yr contract: $399 after activation. All in all, it’s not out of line with the standard Treo pricing at release. The Treo 650 was $599 at release, so I can understand the […]

DualCor cPC update

15 May 2006

DualCor posted some updated information on their website about their upcoming cPC. The good news? The device is set to ship within the next 90 days. Bad news? No WiFi. No Bluetooth. Hold on a minute, gotta let that sink in for a minute. No Wifi. No Bluetooth. I’ve lost all interest in this device […]

HP iPaq hw6965 Review

15 May 2006

HP recently released the new HP iPaq hw6965, as the newest member of the Ipaq 6900 series. At first glance, this seems like the best yet in a series of solid devices. Will this device hold up after testing? Read on to find out. HP iPaq hw6965 Specifications Windows Mobile 5.0 416 mHz Intel XScale […]

Palm Treo 700p Review

15 May 2006

Today marks a day to remember in the Treo world – Palm finally announced the Treo 700p to the world. This device has been no secret for quite some time now, but it is good to hear the story straight from Palm itself. Check out Palm’s page on the Treo 700p. Palm Treo 700p Specifications […]

IE Mobile does support AJAX

14 May 2006

Pocket PC Thoughts pointed out that IE Mobile does indeed support AJAX. Since AJAX is the coolest thing around these days ( or so they would have you believe ) this is great news. There are some limitations – IE Mobile doesn’t support it completely or flawlessly. Regardless, it’s good to know that if I […]

Windows CE 6 Preview

13 May 2006

Microsoft announced thew newest version of Windows CE – the software behind all mobile Microsoft OS’s – Windows CE 6, April 9th in Las Vegas – ‘In a packed hall of developers and industry partners at Microsoft Corp.’s (Nasdaq: MSFT – News) annual Mobile & Embedded DevCon, the company announced the availability of a beta […]

YouTube Introduced mobile video service

12 May 2006

Just announced, and soon to be live, YouTube is coming out with a mobile video upload service. What does that mean to you? All those goofy videos you took with your Treo or other smartphone can go straight to YouTube – without transferring to your computer first. Neato. Via TreoToday.

Nokia N80 Review at MobileBurn

11 May 2006

MobileBurn reviews the Nokia N80 and expresses serious concerns about battery life – ‘Nokia’s N80 is a truly amazing mobile phone that has a couple of flaws – one of them quite serious. While the lack of a good voice dialing system is a shame, and the lack of a functional automatic keylock is annoying, […]

Treo 700p release date firming up

11 May 2006

Someone over at the TreoCentral boards got ahold of a “playbook” of sorts from Sprint themselves. This playbook shows a release date of May 28 for a Palm Treo device. Notably, it does not mention 700p or 700w, so we’re only assuming at this point that it will be the 700p. It’s getting so close […]

Dopod S300

7 May 2006

The Dopod S300 is the first official release of the HTC Startrek smartphone. Many of you may not be familiar with Dopod – they are a Taiwanese company. This phone will be available in select Chinese and Asian markets. Dopod officially released the S300 on May 2nd. Stay tuned for more devices based on the […]

Blackberry 7130c Internal Pics

7 May 2006

Ever wonder what a Blackberry 7130c looks like without its clothes on? Me neither. But there are some cool pics over at BlackBerry Cool anyway.

Palm Treo 700w Review at PC Mag

4 May 2006

PC Mag reviews the Palm Treo 700w and isn’t highly impressed – ‘No perfect smartphone solution is available right now, in our eyes. For power, we’d recommend the Sprint PPC-6700 or its Verizon cousin. Both are smaller and lighter than the Treo and have Wi-Fi, a faster processor, and a bigger display than the Treo’s, […]

BlackBerry 8700g Review at Gizmodo

3 May 2006

Gizmodo reviews the BlackBerry 8700g and is overall pretty happy with the device – ‘I’m still not a big fan of the BlackBerry interface—it’s good, but it feels about two button presses per function away from being properly polished—but it’s certainly not bad, especially once you remember what confirmation dialogues you can blow past without […]

T-Mobile MDA Review at Phone Scoop

3 May 2006

Phone Scoop reviews the T-Mobile MDA and didn’t seem all too impressed – ‘ For users in large corporations using Exchange – where the integration between Windows Mobile and Outlook or an Exchange Server is an advantage – the MDA is a compelling device. It is one of the best put-together Pocket PC Phones so […]

Top 10 Smartphones and PDAs of April 2006

3 May 2006

Brighthand has a list of the top 10 most popular smartphones and PDA’s for this past month, April 2006. The Treo 700w took top place, which should come as no surprise to anyone here. What did surprise me a bit was the Treo 650 – it ranked 5th on the list. For as long as […]

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