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Cingular 8125 Review at Engadget Mobile

30 June 2006

Engadget Mobile reviews the Cingular 8125 and is very very impressed with what they find – ‘Ambitious users can also download and watch Windows Media content on the 8125, including transferring recorded Tivo programs to the phone via USB or transferring songs from music PlaysForSure services such as Yahoo Music Unlimited or Napster To Go. […]

Verizon XV6700 Review at Top Tech News

29 June 2006

Top Tech News reviews the Verizon XV6700 and writes – ‘ Verizon’s new smartphone offers good looks with great business features, but a lack of some connectivity options knocks the XV6700 down a few pegs. Business road warriors can find better options in the super-popular Palm Treo 700w.’ Read more about the Verizon XV6700.

Palm Treo 700p – My first impressions

23 June 2006

This is the smartphone I’ve been waiting for, for who knows how long. Where do I begin? I have no problem saying that this is the best smartphone I’ve used to date, ever. I can say that with confidence. The shining spot on the Treo 700p is absolutely the EV-DO. Using Blazer no longer makes […]

Qtek 8500 review at TrustedReviews

20 June 2006

TrustedReviews reviews the Qtek 8500 and has this to say – ‘It is nice to see Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone break away from the candy bar format, and there is nothing amiss with the software itself which stacks up to its appearances in other hardware well. Indeed the inclusion of the ClearVue suite could be […]

More Treo 700p Reviews

20 June 2006

Palm Infocenter reviews the Palm Treo 700p and says – ‘The Treo is a device that can have a direct impact on your productivity both inside and away from the office. But unlike the BlackBerry the Treo can be much more than just a business tool. It can handle a number of different roles, from […]

Motorola Q Review Roundup

20 June 2006

Wow, there sure have been a number of Motorola Q reviews popping up since I last updated. I’m going to try to get them all here, so I can keep everyone posted. If I missed one, please let me know in the comments. Here goes: Infosync reviews the Motorola Q and writes – ‘While the […]

Palm Treo 700p Review Roundup

18 June 2006

More and more Treo 700p reviews are showing up across the internet. Here’s a couple more that have shown up recently. Information Week reviews the Palm Treo 700p and has this to say – ‘Research In Motion’s BlackBerry is the cult favorite among PDA toters, but Palm’s new Treo 700p could prove to be stiff […]

UMPC’s Suck

17 June 2006

I know.. not smartphones. Whatever. UMPC’s suck – and I called it way back in March. So hah! It turns out the rest of the world is catching on to the fact that they are, in fact, useless. They are too big to fit in your pocket, and thus serve no purpose. If I’m going […]

The future of Palm OS

16 June 2006

Brighthand recently posted a fantastic, if almost alarmist, article about the future of the Palm OS as we know it. There are doubtless thousands of Palm OS fans like myself. We have watched the Palm OS go from being superior in every way to the handheld version of Windows, to falling behind in many measures. […]

Who uses their IR port?

11 June 2006

A Treocentral topic inspired this post. One of the members, a new 700p owner, is trying to find a use for every feature on his new device Here’s my take. I think nowadays, bluetooth is the new IR. Most devices come with BT so sending stuff is not only easier ( no lining up ) […]

Motorola Q Review at Phone Scoop

10 June 2006

Phone Scoop reviews the Motorola Q and writes – ‘Most people looking to buy the Q probably won’t to type many long emails or hundreds of text messages a week. And for the casual keyboard, the Q offers a solid smartphone experience in an attractive and easily pocketable form. For heavy texters and email warriors, […]

RIM Blackberry 7130e available from Sprint

10 June 2006

Available from Verizon for some time, now Blackberry lovers can get the 7130e on the Sprint network. What’s the big buzz about? EVDO on a Blackberry combines the Blackberry email prowess with the high speed Sprint data network. Being a longtime Sprint user, this is certainly a welcome addition to the family. I don’t expect […]

Palm Treo 700p Review at InfoSync World

10 June 2006

InfoSync World reviews the Palm Treo 700p and sees that, while not yet perfect, it is the best Treo yet – ‘The Palm Treo 700p certainly isn’t perfect: we wish Wi-Fi were supported, some basic calling features could use some shoring up, and the Palm OS is in sore need of a refresh. That said, […]

Palm Treo 700p Review at TreoCentral

10 June 2006

TreoCentral posted a very in-depth review of the Palm Treo 700p and had this to say – ‘In my view, it boils down to this: the single most compelling reason to upgrade from a 650 to a 700p is EVDO. Near DSL data speed is a joy. Bonuses are more than double the internal memory, […]

HTC to buy Dopod

10 June 2006

HTC WIzard Web is full of good news lately. HTC recently announced their plan to buy over 50% ( and thus a controlling interest ) of Dopod. HTC is truly a company with a bright future – they already own QTek, and soon Dopod. Will a larger company come next? Check out the press release […]

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