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T-Mobile Sidekick 3 Review

30 July 2006

The original Sidekick was released over 3 years ago, and was a hugely popular device. It’s successor followed the same path, and for that reason, I have no doubt that the Sidekick 3 will be very very successful. I’ll be the first to admit that this device isn’t for me, but that doesn’t make it […]

Upgrade to VersaMail 3.5

30 July 2006

Treo Today talks about how you can upgrade your Treo 650’s version of VersaMail to version 3.5, for a seemingly inexpensive $9.99. I simply have to ask this – why in the world would I pay to upgrade a horrendously buggy program, to a slightly less horrendously buggy email program, that doesn’t support a fraction […]

Vodafone Treo

30 July 2006

Palm and Vodafone recently announced some fuzzy details about the upcoming new GSM Treo for Europe. I say fuzzy because there aren’t really any hard specs yet – just that the device will be running Windows Mobile, and looks to support UMTS. It doesn’t appear to support HSDPA, which is a bit of a dissapointment, […]

HTC Tytn Review

28 July 2006

HTC has spend many years behind the scenes in the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile world. The HTC Tytn marks the first time that HTC will be selling a device under its own brand name. Will they be successful under the little-known HTC brand name? We’ll soon find out.The Tytn is based on the HTC […]

HTC launches a Wiki

27 July 2006

If you’re the owner of an HTC device, or even if you’re just a fan, you should check it out.The more users they get, the more information will be available. HTC is one of those companies that really “gets it.”

Symbian OS 9.3 goes live

23 July 2006

Though I’m admittedly not a huge Symbian fan, it’s always good to see support for new features in any mobile OS. Some of the major upgrades include: Native support for WiFi Over-the-air firmware updates (FOTA) USB 2.0 on-the-go HSDPA push to talk, and Improved memory management. Hopefully this update will help fuel competition, and spur […]

Qtek 8500 review at Pocket Now

23 July 2006

Pocket Now reviews the Qtek 8500 and likes the screen, but laments its usability outdoors – ‘The Qtek 8500’s design is very stylish, slim, and sexy. Since HTC has crammed a 240×320 pixel screen into a 2.2 inch area, the crispness and color of the display is excellent… except outdoors. If you’re outside during the […]

Verizon releases AKU2 ROM for XV6700.

22 July 2006

About time! Here’s what the update includes * Direct Push Technology- Keep your Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Inbox up-to-date using Direct Push Technology. Plus, you can now browse your corporate address book over-the-air with Exchange 2003 SP2. Faster transfer and synchronization of data- Outlook data sent between Exchange Server and a Windows Mobile-based device is […]

Could you go back?

21 July 2006

Treonauts asks this question about the Treo – For all those happy Treo owners out there, could you own a regular phone again? How about a smartphone that isn’t a Treo? Even though every Treo I’ve owned has had it’s share of demons, I have trouble imagining not owning a Treo. In fact, when I […]

Most expensive Treo case

15 July 2006

I’ve never been a fan of Vaja – their cases always seemed way too expensive for me, at $60 – $80… I was out. If I want a case, $30 is the absolute max before I’m out. I just can’t see spending so much money on something I know I’ll replace as soon as the […]

Stylus Pens

9 July 2006

I lost the stlyus for my Treo 700p a few weeks back, and finally got around to ordering a 3 pack of stylii, with the ballpoint pen on the other end. Pretty nice stylii, and I’m sure they’ll come in handy sometime. Of course, about an hour after I got the package, I found the […]

Treo 700p review at Top Tech News

4 July 2006

Top Tech News reviews the Palm Treo 700p and isn’t convinced it’s the right device – ‘For die-hard Palm aficionados who really need the speed, and who can spend $399.99 plus the cost of a two-year service commitment, the EVDO-enabled Treo 700p might be just the thing. For the rest of us, a competing EDGE-enabled […]

Nokia N80 review at Cnet

4 July 2006

Cnet reviews the Nokia N80 and is amazed by the cameras ‘The main draw of the Nokia N80 is its multimedia prowess–more specifically, its imaging features. The mobile sports a 3-megapixel camera with video-recording capabilities and 20X digital zoom. The breadth of customization and editing options available on this phone is astounding. You can choose […]

Happy birthday Treo Today

4 July 2006

Two days ago, one of my favorite websites celebrated its one year birthday – Treo Today. Stop by and wish the site owner a happy birthday! For those of you who aren’t Treo Today readers, check it out while you’re over there.