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Motorola Q Update with Push Email

30 August 2006

Motorola just released a big update for Verizon’s Motorola Q. The biggest reason for the change? Push email of course, Microsoft style. There are a few other improvements, including DUN and frames support for the web browser. If you have a Q, I suggest getting the update as soon as possible, to ensure you stay […]

Treo 750 Pictures

30 August 2006 brings us some very high-res pictures of the upcoming Vodafone Treo “750” aka Lennon. The best part? One of the pictures shows the memory screen. The Treo 750 will have 65 MB storage memory, and 48 MB of program memory – a solid improvement from the Treo 700w. Link.

6 Tips to increase battery life on your smartphone

30 August 2006

We all depend on our smartphones to perform so many functions each day. Battery life is precious – after all, what good is an amazing smartphone with a dead battery? Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your smartphone’s battery – Turn the brightness down -Yes, the bright screen is […]

Logitech Mobile Express Bluetooth Headset

28 August 2006

Logitech Mobile Express Bluetooth Headset Specs 0.5 oz Up to 4 hours of talk time Bluetooth 1.2 Logitech Mobile Express Bluetooth Headset Review Pocket Now reviews the Logitech Mobile Express Bluetooth Headset and has this to say – ‘This is the kind of headset that you get for a non-techie or a child that is […]

YPN Ads untargeted

28 August 2006

Since I re-launched this site on the WordPress platform, I decided to switch over from Google Adsense to Yahoo’s YPN, to see if earnings improved. Since I made the switch, I’ve seen the most un-targeted ads I could imagine. It almost makes me want to ask – Is YPN even a contextual ad service? I […]

Blackberry security exploit

28 August 2006

For years,almost every large corporation in America – including the American federal government, has relied on RIM’s Blackberry devices. Blackberry devices are world famous for their instant “push” email system, and also for their seemingly bullet-proof security. I applaud any company with such a stellar reputation for security, however there is no completely secure setup. […]

i-mate SP JAS

27 August 2006

i-mate announces the SP JAS – their release based or the HTC Breeze smartphone design. The HTC Breeze is also known as the HTC MTeor – HTC’s retail version. It looks as though i-mate decided to leave the front – facing camera in place for video calls. i-mate SP JAS Specs Windows Mobile 5.0 GSM/GPRS/EDGE […]

The sequel to Palm OS

25 August 2006

We all know that Palm OS is sorely in need of an update. Palm has been under fire for lack of OS progress for years – justifiably so. Palmsource was present at LinuxWorld recently, and had some information on the status of the Access Linux Platform. One of the biggest changes I see is resolution […]

ETEN M600+ Review

25 August 2006

ETEN updated their M600, and renamed it the M600+ – not the most creative name I’ve seen. What does the ETEN M600+ hare to offer? Read on to find out. ETEN M600+ Specs Items in bold are upgrades from the M600 256 MB ROM 2.0 Megapixel digital camera Bluetooth MSFP (push email) Samsung 400 MHz […]

HTC Tytn review at the Mobile Gadgeteer

24 August 2006

The Mobile Gadgeteer reviews the HTC Tytn and is almost convinced, but holds back due to pricing concerns – ‘I was seriously considering the TyTN as my next purchase, but I can’t afford the US$700+ at this time and without the certainty that the TyTN will work on T-Mobile’s 3G data network later this year […]

Cingular 8525 to be first US Hermes device

24 August 2006

Unofficially, Cingular will be the first US carrier to offer their flavor of the HTC Hermes. This smartphone will be known as the Cingular 8525. The major upgrades include the badly needed faster CPU, a scroll wheel, UMTS/HSDPA, and a slightly redesigned keyboard. The 8525 is slotted to replace the 8125 in Cingular’s lineup. While […]

HTC Tytn review at Phone Arena

24 August 2006

Phone Arena reviews the HTC Tytn and is impressed with the jog dial – ‘Very convenient is the new “jog-dial” with confirm function which is located on the left side of the phone, or on the bottom when the keyboard is slid open. Jog-dial keys has been traditionally used in Sony phones for years, and […]

i-mate JASJAM Review

23 August 2006

Meet the brand new i-mate JASJAM. I-mate sure has a strange way of naming their devices, and the JASJAM, which is based on the HTC Hermes / Tytn, is no exception. What does the i-mate JASJAM bring to the table? Will it prove to be a worthy successor to the popular HTC Wizard? Read on […]

Conversion to WordPress in progress

22 August 2006

Many , many broken links. please bear with me for a few days while I work it all out.

Sprint Treo 700wx coming soon

22 August 2006

It looks like Sept. 3 is the big day, according to Treonauts.  Sprint  will be releasing an improved version of the 700w.   Packed with 64 MB vs 32 in the 700w, the Treo 700wx addresses the biggest complaint about the original. Verizon had their 6 months of exclusivity, now it’s Sprint’s turn to shine.  Given my […]

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