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Palm Centro to launch soon

11 September 2007

Q4 2007, according to Sprint. That means very, very soon. This is about as official as these things get, so you can bet on it. Sprint is the carrier for now, with no word on whether anyone else will get it. Likely Verizon will have access to it in a few months, as that’s how […]

The iPhone can do it all

7 September 2007

We all know that the iPhone is more than just a regular phone.  But did you know that it can be mace?  How about sideburns?  Right now you’re probably looking at your monitor thinking “What is this cat smoking?”.  Check out this video and all your questions will be answered.

Palm Cancels Foleo

6 September 2007

The Palm Foleo was created as a sort of sub-laptop device – something easier to enter data into than your Treo, but easier to lug around than a laptop.  What it ended up as was a completely pointless device.  Carrying one around is basically no different than carrying a laptop – without the functionality, of […]

Palm Centro

3 September 2007

There are now various pics of the upcoming Palm Centro floating around – though no hard specs yet.  Word is that it’s a small unit with lower hardware specs, aimed at the youth market.  Target price is reported to be $99 – though I’d say that’s surely with a contract.  Still, an impressive price target, […]

Avot Media Review

3 September 2007

Avot Media is a mobile video site, and they’re looking to spread the word about their service.  That’s why they’ve ordered this paid review of their site – to get my take on their product.  So let’s get right down to it – what in the world is Avot Media?  Basically, if you’re the owner […]