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Avot Media Review

3 September 2007

Avot Media is a mobile video site, and they’re looking to spread the word about their service.  That’s why they’ve ordered this paid review of their site – to get my take on their product.  So let’s get right down to it – what in the world is Avot Media?  Basically, if you’re the owner of a Windows Mobile 5 ( Pocket PC or Smartphone Edition ), then you can use Avot mV to browse and view videos on the go.  The videos come from sites such as YouTube, Google Videos, and more, so you can view all the stuff you’d see on your desktop, but on your smartphone.

Avot mV Installation

Installation is a breeze – simply point your browser to the Avot Mobile Site, and the installation takes place OTA ( over the air ).  Once it downloads, the player installs automatically and launches right away.  The whole process took less than a minute on my Sprint PPC-6700’s EVDO connection. 

Avot mV Player

When you launch the player, you can either search for a video of your choosing, or select one of the channels using the soft buttons on your Windows Mobile device.  There are tons of channels such as music videos, politics, cartoons, TV shows, and entertainment.  The playback was overall pretty good, but at times choppy.  That was a little disappointing considering that I’m using an EVDO connection.   Hopefully it was just a temporary network issue, since EVDO is currently the fastest mobile data network available. 

I’m not sure how well the service works on a GPRS / EDGE connection – I don’t have such a connection to test.  The good news is that the lag / buffering issues go away completely when you are able to hop on a WiFi connection.  These connections aren’t always available, of course, and that’s why I think it’s important to note the EVDO performance.

Avot Media is still in beta – which means there is room for improvement.  If you want to stay on top of development and updates, subscribe to the Avot Blog, where all important updates are posted.  I’m not sure what features they might put in place – the program already seems feature-filled, and only possibly network capacity limited.  However, I’m sure Avot Media has some sort of surprises in mind, and will introduce new features as time goes on.  In the mean time, enjoy your mobile access to thousands of movies that most folks have to sit in front of their computer to see.

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