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Blackberry 8700c review at PC Magazine

31 December 2005

RIM Blackberry 8700c

PC Magazine reviews the Blackberry 8700c and writes – ‘The 2.6-inch diagonal screen is also the same size as that on the 7290, but the similarities end there. This is a beautiful, bright, backlit 240-by-320 pixel screen that displays 262,000 colors. It shows double the information of the previous 240-by-160 design. Even photos look excellent on the sharp screen. An ambient light sensor dynamically changes screen brightness to adapt to lighting conditions.’

CNET reviews the Blackberry 8700c and writes – ‘Well, CrackBerry addicts, get your thumbs ready for the company’s latest device, the RIM BlackBerry 8700c. It’s the first EDGE-enabled and Intel-powered BlackBerry, and it offers a winning combination of performance, design, and functionality. Of course, not all is perfect. Bluetooth and instant-messaging capabilities are limited, but the pros outweigh the cons, making the 8700c one of the best BlackBerrys we’ve seen to date.’

Blackberry.com has some info on the Blackberry 8700c ( They had better! ) – here are some of the specifics – ‘

  • 64 MB of memory
  • IntelĀ® PXA901 processor at 312 MHz
  • Quad-Band network support on 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS and EDGE networks allows for international roaming between North America, Europe and Asia Pacific
  • I’ve always seen the Blackberry as a very valid alternative to the Treos and Windows Mobile smartphones. Yes, the Blackberry is less capable, and less flexible. There’s no question about that. But the Blackberry is the absolute best at what it does, and that should ensure its’ survival for years to come.

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