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Blackberry security exploit

28 August 2006

For years,almost every large corporation in America – including the American federal government, has relied on RIM’s Blackberry devices. Blackberry devices are world famous for their instant “push” email system, and also for their seemingly bullet-proof security. I applaud any company with such a stellar reputation for security, however there is no completely secure setup. Recently, a security consultant released code to the public that exploits a flaw in the Blackberry platform. He calls it, appropriately, “Blackberry Attack Toolkit”.

Blackberry Attack Toolkit makes the Blackberry act as a proxy server between one of the LAN servers, and and outside computer controlled by the hacker/attacker. Any security expert knows this is a very scary situation indeed.

Fortunately, there is already a company out with a solution. SMobile‘s software, VirusGuard for Blackberry costs just $29.99 and appears to prevent Blackberry Attack Toolkit from working. This company sits in a very good position right now to earn a significant amount of money from this exploit. Previously, the market for antivirus or malware on mobile devices is almost nil. Times are changing though. Are you protected? Link.

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