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Buy.com Unlocked Phones

3 August 2007

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post – I am being compensated to write this review, however, as always, I will be honest in my opinion and evaluation of the service.

The big benefit of buying a GSM phone is that it works just about anywhere in the world – just swap in a local-use SIM card and you’re all set.  Well, that’s a benefit in theory.  In reality, most phone carries “lock” their GSM phones, so that they can only be used on their network.  So you have to buy a phone from the carrier, lock yourself into a long-term contract, and stick with it even if you are unhappy with the service.  The only way to get out is to pay some ridiculous contract termination fees.

Luckily there is a solution – buy an Unlocked Phone from Buy.com.  These phones are unlocked before they’re sent out to you, so they’ll work on the GSM carrier of your choice.  You don’t have to sign a contract, and if you’re unhappy with a carrier’s service, you’re free to switch.  The carriers don’t like this, of course, but they do want your business badly, so they put up with it. 

Buy.com has a huge selection of unlocked GSM phones – including one of my favorites, the Nokia N95.  This one goes for $624.99, which sounds like a lot – but it’s $125 off list price.  Remember – that’s also without a contract too, so you aren’t tied down.  When you keep that in mind, the cost isn’t nearly as high as it sounds.

Unlocked GSM phones have been around for a bit – but usually only available at small online shops.  Now that Buy.com is offering them, you don’t need to have any concerns.  Buy.com is one of the oldest online merchants, so you know that you’ll get what you order ,and your information is safe.  So if you’re a GSM customer, I say head on over and check out their phones.

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