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Blackberry security exploit

28 August 2006

For years,almost every large corporation in America – including the American federal government, has relied on RIM’s Blackberry devices. Blackberry devices are world famous for their instant “push” email system, and also for their seemingly bullet-proof security. I applaud any company with such a stellar reputation for security, however there is no completely secure setup. […]

RIM Blackberry 7130e available from Sprint

10 June 2006

Available from Verizon for some time, now Blackberry lovers can get the 7130e on the Sprint network. What’s the big buzz about? EVDO on a Blackberry combines the Blackberry email prowess with the high speed Sprint data network. Being a longtime Sprint user, this is certainly a welcome addition to the family. I don’t expect […]

Giant Blackberry

4 June 2006

The world’s largest blackberry – perhaps the world’s largest “handheld” resides in a Nextel store in good ol’ Las Vegas. No idea why this is cool, but it just is. The best part? It actually works! Via Blackberry Cool.

USA Today and your Blackberry

25 May 2006

Blackberry owners may find this new software very useful – if they are also readers of USA Today, that is. A company called Mobile Voice Control is introducing a service on Sprint / Nextel Blackberries that allows users to speak commands, and have the Blackberry automatically go to that part of USA Today’s website. While […]

Blackberry 7130c Internal Pics

7 May 2006

Ever wonder what a Blackberry 7130c looks like without its clothes on? Me neither. But there are some cool pics over at BlackBerry Cool anyway.

BlackBerry 8700g Review at Gizmodo

3 May 2006

Gizmodo reviews the BlackBerry 8700g and is overall pretty happy with the device – ‘I’m still not a big fan of the BlackBerry interface—it’s good, but it feels about two button presses per function away from being properly polished—but it’s certainly not bad, especially once you remember what confirmation dialogues you can blow past without […]

BlackBerry 8700g Review at CNet

28 April 2006

CNet reviews the Blackberry 8700g and seems to be impressed – ‘Like its cousin, the BlackBerry 8700c for Cingular, the BlackBerry 8700g offers users a next-gen device with a full QWERTY keyboard, and it comes with an Intel processor and EDGE speeds for faster performance. In addition to support for Bluetooth 2.0 and up to […]

BlackBerry 8700g Review

20 February 2006

The BlackBerry 8700g was released recently in Europe on T-Mobile’s network. ITWeek reviews the BlackBerry 8700g and writes – ‘Available now from T-Mobile, the 8700g is the first BlackBerry with an Intel XScale chip. However, its most important features are the familiar BlackBerry functions of push email, phone capability and web browsing.’ Mobile Tech News […]

Supreme Court Not Hearing RIM Blackberry Case

26 January 2006

More bad news for RIM. I can’t say I’m a huge huge fan of the Blackberries, but they are very innovative, and perform their functions better than anything else around. It would be a real shame to see them go away. The Supreme Court isn’t interested in hearing the RIM case, so we’ll have to […]

Smartphone Reviews : RIM Blackberry 7100i

23 January 2006

Mobiledia reviews the RIM Blackberry 7100i and they write – ‘Featuring a large 240 x 260 px screen, the 7100i is capable of displaying 65K colors. Much of the reason RIM was able to condense the bulk was using a reduced size QWERTY keypad. Located below easy-to-use Send, End, and Convenience keys, a 20 button […]

Blackberry 7290 Review at Mobile Tech Review

3 January 2006

Mobile Tech Review reviews the Blackberry 7290 and writes – ‘Add Bluetooth and an extra radio band to an established line up of solid corporate messaging device and you have the Blackberry 7290 from Research in Motion. For those who missed the Blackberry mobile revolution, the Blackberry is the quintessential mobile messenger. ‘

Blackberry 8700c review at PC Magazine

31 December 2005

PC Magazine reviews the Blackberry 8700c and writes – ‘The 2.6-inch diagonal screen is also the same size as that on the 7290, but the similarities end there. This is a beautiful, bright, backlit 240-by-320 pixel screen that displays 262,000 colors. It shows double the information of the previous 240-by-160 design. Even photos look excellent […]

RIM Blackberry 7130e Review at CNET

29 December 2005

CNET reviews the RIM Blackberry 7130e – they write ‘ Today’s smart phones are getting even smarter when it comes to functionality and design, so RIM was wise to break from tradition and design a slimmer and more user-friendly device.’