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HTC Excalibur

4 September 2006

The HTC Excalibur is one of HTC’s most exciting upcoming products. It is, for the time being, fairly mysterious. All that we know so far is that it will run Windows Mobile for Smartphones, and will lack a touchscreen. A full Treo-style Qwerty keyboard dominates the front of the device. The HTC Excalibur is clearly […]

HTC Tytn Review

28 July 2006

HTC has spend many years behind the scenes in the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile world. The HTC Tytn marks the first time that HTC will be selling a device under its own brand name. Will they be successful under the little-known HTC brand name? We’ll soon find out.The Tytn is based on the HTC […]

HTC launches a Wiki

27 July 2006

If you’re the owner of an HTC device, or even if you’re just a fan, you should check it out.The more users they get, the more information will be available. HTC is one of those companies that really “gets it.”

HTC to buy Dopod

10 June 2006

HTC WIzard Web is full of good news lately. HTC recently announced their plan to buy over 50% ( and thus a controlling interest ) of Dopod. HTC is truly a company with a bright future – they already own QTek, and soon Dopod. Will a larger company come next? Check out the press release […]