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i-mate SP JAS

27 August 2006

i-mate announces the SP JAS – their release based or the HTC Breeze smartphone design. The HTC Breeze is also known as the HTC MTeor – HTC’s retail version. It looks as though i-mate decided to leave the front – facing camera in place for video calls. i-mate SP JAS Specs Windows Mobile 5.0 GSM/GPRS/EDGE […]

i-mate JASJAM Review

23 August 2006

Meet the brand new i-mate JASJAM. I-mate sure has a strange way of naming their devices, and the JASJAM, which is based on the HTC Hermes / Tytn, is no exception. What does the i-mate JASJAM bring to the table? Will it prove to be a worthy successor to the popular HTC Wizard? Read on […]