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Links for the day

28 March 2006

A couple quick links I wanted to put up here to feed your smartphone addictions. First – Smartphone Thoughts is having a contest, in which they give away a free i-mate SP5m. All you have to do is tell them why you deserve it – cool! I’m definately going to enter this one. Treonauts has […]

PDA Paralysis – by Smartphone Thoughts

22 March 2006

Smartphone Thoughts recently made a brief but great post. It talks about “PDA Paralysis” – basically the inability to walk & use your PDA or phone. Many people have it, some worse than others. It involves walking along, and coming to a complete halt while jacking around with your PDA / phone. Usually there are […]


17 March 2006

The good folks over at TreoHQ posted a tip for those new Treo users who may not know, or even the long-time users who may have forgotten. To adjust the screen brightness on a Treo 650 or 700w, you just press “option + p”. Simple things like that tend to remind me why I’m a […]

Cellphone blocking paint

2 March 2006

NaturalNano has developed a cellphone signal blocking paint. Apparently they use a combination copper, nanotubes, and magic to block out all cellphone signals. The coolest part is that it can be turned on and off – so you can still get calls before and after a movie, but you won’t have to hear any phones […]

VoIP using WiFi on your Smartphone?

18 February 2006

PC Mag reports that soon we’ll have phones than can make VoIP calls on a WiFi network – ‘Chipmaker Royal Philips Electronics confirmed that a U.S. cellular carrier will launch voice-over-Wi-Fi technology this year, based on Philips’ new Nexperia 6120 chipset. Callers should be able to make calls on their home Wi-Fi networks for “a […]

Some Needed Time Off

31 January 2006

Well, it’s time for a bit of time off. I’ve got some things planned for this next week, so you won’t see any new posts until next week. Thanks for reading everybody – and don’t worry, Smartphone Reviews will be back soon!

Canon PIXMA iP90 Printer Review

29 January 2006

I know, I know. This isn’t a smartphone, or even a phone at all. But this is one of those devices that just makes sense for almost all smartphone users. At one time or another, I’m sure you’ve had something you wanted to print from your smartphone, and didn’t feel like syncing to your desktop […]

2006 Smartphone & PDA Forecast

24 January 2006

Mobile Review looked into their crystal ball, and came up with their Smartphone & PDA predictions for 2006. Here’s a few highlights – ‘According to IDC in 2004 the share of Symbian OS in communicator and smartphone sales (converged device – the company’s terminology) made up 55.9% and Windows Mobile – 12.7%. The company predicts […]

Project-a-Phone : at Smartphone Reviews

21 January 2006

This new company called Project-a-Phone has their first product out. It’s called – Project-a-Phone. Creative, I know. Anyway, it lets you output your phone’s screen to a computer, for anything you’d like. It outputs the entire phone screen, and it’s not just limited to a few programs. This is definately a neat idea, although the […]

Tekkeon myTalker ET700 review at OHGizmo!

12 January 2006

Oh Gizmo! picked up this neat little gadget, the Tekkeon myTalker ET700. Imagine you’re wandering blindly about, blasting whatever crap you listen to on your iPod, and your smartphone starts ringing. Instead of fumbling around to pause your iPod, yang your earbuds out, and dig out your smartphone, just press a button on the remote […]

News : Kids busted for selling marijuana with cellphones

4 January 2006

This is a creative, if misguided, use for MMS. It seems some kiddies up in Massachusetts would send an MMS with the picture of the particular drug they were selling, along with info on when & where to buy it. Thank to The Register for the news.

So much wireless data!

26 December 2005

With EV-DO on the horizon ( already here in some markets, and on some phones, ) it makes me wonder about the need for Wi-Fi. Almost every Treo review lists lack of WiFi as a major shortcoming. Similar complains can be found on other wi-fi-less phones. If EV-DO turns out to be as good as […]

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