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Palm Centro to launch soon

11 September 2007

Q4 2007, according to Sprint. That means very, very soon. This is about as official as these things get, so you can bet on it. Sprint is the carrier for now, with no word on whether anyone else will get it. Likely Verizon will have access to it in a few months, as that’s how […]

Palm Cancels Foleo

6 September 2007

The Palm Foleo was created as a sort of sub-laptop device – something easier to enter data into than your Treo, but easier to lug around than a laptop.  What it ended up as was a completely pointless device.  Carrying one around is basically no different than carrying a laptop – without the functionality, of […]

Palm Centro

3 September 2007

There are now various pics of the upcoming Palm Centro floating around – though no hard specs yet.  Word is that it’s a small unit with lower hardware specs, aimed at the youth market.  Target price is reported to be $99 – though I’d say that’s surely with a contract.  Still, an impressive price target, […]

Treo 750v Review

2 October 2006

The Treo 750v is a device destined for just about every market except the US. Since I’m American, that is a bit of a disappointment to me, but there are many Treo fans worldwide who will welcome this device with stylus in hand. The most noticeable difference between the 750v and the 650 before it […]

How to use your Treo as a flashlight

21 September 2006

Every Treo user has done it – some do it more than others.  Admit it – you’re guilty too!  If you haven’t been using your Treo as a flashlight, then you’re missing out.  Treonauts attempts to bring us all out of the closet, complete with this picture of a Treo being used to read a […]

Shorter antenna for your Treo 650

10 September 2006

Are you tired of the large, ugly, bulky antenna sticking out of your Treo 650 smartphone? Well, you’re not alone. has solved your problem – they are soon going to release to the public a shorter antenna for your Treo. Installation should take about 5 minutes, and sounds very simple. All the needed tools […]

Sprint Treo 700wx Review

3 September 2006

Verizon has had the only Windows powered Treo for long enough. Today Sprint introduced the new and improved Treo 700wx. This is great news for Sprint users like myself, who until now only had the Palm OS powered Treo 700p. The Treo 700wx is very similar to the Treo 700w , with the main difference […]

The sequel to Palm OS

25 August 2006

We all know that Palm OS is sorely in need of an update. Palm has been under fire for lack of OS progress for years – justifiably so. Palmsource was present at LinuxWorld recently, and had some information on the status of the Access Linux Platform. One of the biggest changes I see is resolution […]

Sprint Treo 700wx coming soon

22 August 2006

It looks like Sept. 3 is the big day, according to Treonauts.  Sprint  will be releasing an improved version of the 700w.   Packed with 64 MB vs 32 in the 700w, the Treo 700wx addresses the biggest complaint about the original. Verizon had their 6 months of exclusivity, now it’s Sprint’s turn to shine.  Given my […]

Palm Treo 700p – My first impressions

23 June 2006

This is the smartphone I’ve been waiting for, for who knows how long. Where do I begin? I have no problem saying that this is the best smartphone I’ve used to date, ever. I can say that with confidence. The shining spot on the Treo 700p is absolutely the EV-DO. Using Blazer no longer makes […]

More Treo 700p Reviews

20 June 2006

Palm Infocenter reviews the Palm Treo 700p and says – ‘The Treo is a device that can have a direct impact on your productivity both inside and away from the office. But unlike the BlackBerry the Treo can be much more than just a business tool. It can handle a number of different roles, from […]

Palm Treo 700p Review Roundup

18 June 2006

More and more Treo 700p reviews are showing up across the internet. Here’s a couple more that have shown up recently. Information Week reviews the Palm Treo 700p and has this to say – ‘Research In Motion’s BlackBerry is the cult favorite among PDA toters, but Palm’s new Treo 700p could prove to be stiff […]

The future of Palm OS

16 June 2006

Brighthand recently posted a fantastic, if almost alarmist, article about the future of the Palm OS as we know it. There are doubtless thousands of Palm OS fans like myself. We have watched the Palm OS go from being superior in every way to the handheld version of Windows, to falling behind in many measures. […]

Trade in your Treo 650 for a new 700p

26 May 2006

Looking at the new Treo 700p with longing, but can’t cough up quite enough cash? Don’t fear. Simply send Palm your Treo 650 and get up to $150 back on your purchase of a new Treo 700p. From Palm’s website – ‘Don’t just send your old handheld or smartphone to the trash bin. Put it […]

Palm Treo 700p Review at CNet

18 May 2006

CNet reviews the Palm Treo 700p and writes – ‘Surfing the Web on the Palm Treo 700p was a relatively good experience. Download speeds weren’t mind-blowing, but the support for Sprint’s EV-DO network definitely made a difference, as even graphics-intensive sites such as loaded quickly. We also watched an episode of Fox’s Prison Break […]

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