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Treo 700p Pricing confirmed

17 May 2006

Sprint announced their pricing for the Palm Treo 700p yesterday. Here goes : With no contract : $649 With 1yr contract: $549 With 2yr contract: $399 after activation. All in all, it’s not out of line with the standard Treo pricing at release. The Treo 650 was $599 at release, so I can understand the […]

Palm Treo 700p Review

15 May 2006

Today marks a day to remember in the Treo world – Palm finally announced the Treo 700p to the world. This device has been no secret for quite some time now, but it is good to hear the story straight from Palm itself. Check out Palm’s page on the Treo 700p. Palm Treo 700p Specifications […]

My Journey to the Treo world

28 April 2006

Sometimes I wonder how I ever came to be a Treo / smartphone fanatic. I decided to draw a roadmap of how I came to own a Treo. It was a pretty long process, and involved a lot of bouncing around here and there. It all started with a cheap, plastic screened PDA….. Palm M100 […]

Treo 700w Update Gone

24 April 2006

Itching to update your Verizon Treo 700w so you can access push email via your exchange server? Unless you’ve already installed the update, you’re out of luck for the moment. Palm’s website says the update is temporarily unavailable, whatever that means. It also says that if you’ve already installed the update, then disregard the message. […]

Treo Hollywood Pictures Released

18 April 2006

Treonauts has posted some actual photos of the Treo Hollywood. It’s slimmer, sleeker, and antenna-less. It appears to be everything we thought it would be, except for one glaring difference. Instead of the venerable Palm OS, it’s running Windows Mobile 5. Wow. I’ll be the first to say I sure didn’t see this one coming. […]

Sprint Treo 700p Pricing

17 April 2006

Today is a good day in Treo news. No huge announcements by Palm or Sprint, but we do have some unofficial pricing information. According to Jimmie over at Gadgets on the Go, the Palm Treo 700p will be priced as follows : $499 with a 1 year contract $399 with a 2 year contract. If […]

How do you pronounce Treo?

17 April 2006

Is it Tr – eeee – o or Tr – ay – o? I’ve always said Treo, but a guy I work with calls it Trayo. The little umlaut ( ?? ) over the E makes me wonder which is the proper pronunciation. Perhaps this is one of those Tomato-like words that is pronounced however […]

Treo 650 Camera Tips

6 April 2006

I love the fact that my Treo 650 has a camera. I’m sure you all remember the Carerra GT post a few days back. I’m sure we all wish that the Treo 650 could turn out better pictures though. You know what I mean, they’re usually washed out in daylight, and just plain nasty in […]

Switching from Palm OS to Pocket PC or Windows Mobile

5 April 2006

No, I haven’t made the switch yet. There isn’t a device that’s compelling enough for me to do that just yet. For many who do make the switch, their biggest concern is “how do I get my data from my Palm to my Windows Mobile device?” Valid question – after all who wants to re-input […]

Carerra GT spotted

4 April 2006

Andrew of Treonauts was lucky enough to cast his eyes on the Porsche Carerra GT recently. Naturally he snapped some pics with his trusty Treo 650, which is why I’m writing about it. I love cool pictures like this. Just imagine, if he didn’t have a Treo 650, he wouldn’t have pics of this $444,000 […]

More Palm Treo 700p rumors

20 March 2006

There are quite a few Treo 700p pics floating about these days. The latest word is a supposed release date of May 28, 2006 for Sprint. Treonauts has some info on what the Treo 700p is supposed to be all about – ‘ * Reception is supposed to be ‘spectacular’ * Runnning PalmOS Garnet v5.4.9 […]

10 Must-haves for the next Palm OS Treo

13 March 2006

Here are the things that I’d like to see on the next Palm OS Treo. These things would ensure that I’d stay a loyal Palm, and Palm OS customer. 1. Multitasking – Probably the biggest Windows Mobile advantage. 2. EVDO – Absolute must-have. 3. Better stability – Ideally the core of this will be more […]

Treo 650 vs PPC-6700 showdown

13 March 2006

Lately I’ve had more time at home with my wife, so I have both my Treo 650 and her PPC-6700 to choose from if I want to look something up. More and more, I find myself reaching for the PPC-6700, rather than my trusty old Treo 650. Why? A little bit of everything I think. […]

Picture Dial for the Treo 650 Review

16 February 2006

Ahh Picture Dial. One of the coolest things about the Treo 700w. Now us Treo 650 users have a solution – Picture Dial by Toysoft. recently reviewed this software , and it seems like they love it. Here’s a snippet – ‘Now here comes the ingenious part that Danny Wong of Toysoft added: When […]

Sprint Treo 650 EV-DO Capable?

15 February 2006

Gizmodo reportedly has a source at either Palm or Sprint ( depending on which post you read ) that claims EV-DO is a software solution – not hardware. That would imply that a software upgrade could bring EV-DO to the Treo 650. I have to admit to being skeptical, but can you imagine if this […]

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