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Wirefly Mobile Review

9 January 2007

Before I begin, this post is a sponsored post. I am a member of Review Me, a program that advertisers use to raise awareness of their websites. I am required to acknowledge that this is a sponsored post, but I will give an honest review. I.E. I am not required to give a positive review, […]

E-TEN M600+ vs E-TEN G500+

10 October 2006

PDAGold has an awesome comparision review of the E-TEN M600+ vs the E-TEN G500+.  They write – ‘The G500+’s parameters are absolutely the same as those of the M600+. The processor is a Samsung S3C2440 running at 400 MHz. The data and application memory (NAND-type FlashROM) is now 256 MB instead of 128 MB in […]

E-TEN G500 Review – PDAgold

24 September 2006

PDAgold reviews the E-TEN G500 and writes: “The E-TEN G500 is a good device for a reasonable price, whose parameters will satisfy a wide range of users. The integration of mobile navigation and mobile phone into a single, compact device is an attractive solution for those who are looking for a work tool rather than […]

Sprint Treo 700wx review – Cnet

10 September 2006

Cnet reviews the Sprint Treo 700wx and writes – ‘As we mentioned earlier, we experienced improved performance with the 700wx over the Treo 700w. The device was responsive as we performed various tasks, even with multiple applications open. We had no problems transferring, viewing, or editing Office documents, and music and video playback were also […]

HTC Tytn review at Mtekk

8 September 2006

MTekk reviews the HTC Tytn and writes – ‘Small, light weight, stylish, feature packed with 3G, hardware keyboard and more buttons then any user ever dreamed, the HTC TyTN is certainly a dangerous rival in the marketplace. It could be called the Atom of 3G devices, and certainly offers users a viable pocket pc entrance […]

Motorola Q Review at ZDnet

8 September 2006

ZDNet reviews the Motorola Q and likes it, but sees vast need for improvement just the same – ‘As neat as this phone is, I was quite surprised by the fact that this was let out of the lab with so very much room for improvement. Obvious user interface stuff (at least to me, it’s […]

Treo 700wx Review at Treo Central

7 September 2006

Treo Central completed their full review of the Sprint Treo 700wx and is 100% in love with it – ‘The burning question, I suppose, is whether it’s the best smartphone currently on the market. Not to put too fine a point on it: is it better than the 700p? Here’s my take: the 700wx is […]

Sprint Treo 700wx Review at Treo Central

5 September 2006

Treo Central has a first look type of review for the Sprint Treo 700wx and has apparently fallen in love – ‘The 700wx is fast. EvDO is fast. The device itself is very responsive – especially compared to the 700w.’, ‘Yes, it works as a dial-up modem. Windows only (so far as I can tell […]

T-Mobile Sidekick 3 Review at Smartphone Today

4 September 2006

Smartphone Today reviews the T-Mobile Sidekick 3 and writes – ‘The Sidekick now works with Bluetooth, although only with mono Bluetooth earpieces. The phone doesn’t support stereo Bluetooth, which shows a lack of commitment to the music market, and you can’t use Bluetooth to transfer files to and from a PC. You’ll need to use […]

Sprint Treo 700wx review at PC Mag

4 September 2006

PC Mag reviews the Sprint Treo 700wx and writes – ‘Sprint currently sells two excellent handhelds. One is the Palm Treo 700p, which combines the familiar Treo form factor with a gorgeous 320-by-320 screen, EV-DO networking, and the very snappy performance of the Palm OS. It’s hands down my favorite Treo and one of my […]

T-Mobile Sidekick 3 review – PDAStreet

1 September 2006

PDAStreet reviews the T-Mobile Sidekick 3 and tells about their difficulty with the included headset – ‘Talk quality wasn’t good, however, when we used the included stereo headphones. Calls sounded fine to us, but the people we spoke to complained about an echo on the line. Results were almost as bad when using the speakerphone. […]

HTC Tytn review at the Mobile Gadgeteer

24 August 2006

The Mobile Gadgeteer reviews the HTC Tytn and is almost convinced, but holds back due to pricing concerns – ‘I was seriously considering the TyTN as my next purchase, but I can’t afford the US$700+ at this time and without the certainty that the TyTN will work on T-Mobile’s 3G data network later this year […]

HTC Tytn review at Phone Arena

24 August 2006

Phone Arena reviews the HTC Tytn and is impressed with the jog dial – ‘Very convenient is the new “jog-dial” with confirm function which is located on the left side of the phone, or on the bottom when the keyboard is slid open. Jog-dial keys has been traditionally used in Sony phones for years, and […]