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YPN Ads untargeted

28 August 2006

Since I re-launched this site on the WordPress platform, I decided to switch over from Google Adsense to Yahoo’s YPN, to see if earnings improved. Since I made the switch, I’ve seen the most un-targeted ads I could imagine. It almost makes me want to ask – Is YPN even a contextual ad service? I […]

Conversion to WordPress in progress

22 August 2006

Many , many broken links. please bear with me for a few days while I work it all out.

Should I convert this blog to WordPress?

10 August 2006

To all my readers – I ask this simple question. Should I convert this blog to WordPress? It’s something I’ve been mulling over for a few months. All my other blogs are now running WordPress, and I have nothing but good to say about the changes. Moving this blog over will require a LOT of […]

Smartphone Reviews is 3 months old

22 March 2006

Happy 3 month anniversary! Wooha! How should we celebrate?

My absence explained

28 February 2006

I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately. I caught the sickness and haven’t slept in days. I’m gonna try to head to the doctor today so they can tell me what’s wrong… maybe bronchitis or something. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that I haven’t given up on Smartphone Reviews, or died or […]

Google Pagerank updated

18 February 2006

I normally don’t post crap like this, because no one cares. After all, you folks come here to read about the latest & greatest smartphones. But I was excited to see that my Google Pagerank updated from a not-so-good -0- to an awesome 5! Anyways thanks for reading guys – and here’s to moving up […]

Smartphone Reviews

26 December 2005

I want to preface this blog with a warning. I try to be objective with my reviews and opinions, but I do have a strong preference for Palm OS -based smartphones. They have seen the most use in my house, and have served me well. I am at least considering a switch to Windows Mobile, […]

Smartphone Reviews

22 December 2005

Welcome to Smartphone Reviews. Here you’ll find reviews & opinions on all current & upcoming smartphones. I have had several myself, and can’t imagine going back to a regular phone.