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Chatter Email and the Flurry of Betas

18 September 2006

All Palm OS Treo owners ( Treo 600, Treo 650, Treo 700p ) should be very familiar with Chatter Email. In fact, every single one of them should own it. The interface and capabilities of Chatter far surpass any other Treo email client on the market. I’ve used Versamail and Snapper mail, and there is […]

VITO Audionotes Version 1.1 Update

18 April 2006

Recently I reviewed VITO Audionotes here at Smartphones Reviews, and it looked like a very solid program. VITO just released an update to Audionotes, as version 1.1 Here are a few of the added features : Call auto-recording. If you simply leave Audionotes running in the background, ( one of the marvels of Windows Mobile […]

Switching from Palm OS to Pocket PC or Windows Mobile

5 April 2006

No, I haven’t made the switch yet. There isn’t a device that’s compelling enough for me to do that just yet. For many who do make the switch, their biggest concern is “how do I get my data from my Palm to my Windows Mobile device?” Valid question – after all who wants to re-input […]

Avantgo for Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition

30 March 2006

Avantgo was just released for Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition. I remember way back before smartphones were even thought of – Avantgo was -the- app to have. Nowadays, it’s probably not as useful, since we all have smartphones of one type or another with data access. For those on a non-unlimited data plan, this is a […]

VITO AudioNotes Review

27 March 2006

VITO Technology recently asked me to review AudioNotes – a voice and sound recording program. I thought it was a great idea – I love the chance to review new Windows Mobile software. So here goes. Installing AudioNotes was very simple – just run the included EXE file and the installer takes care of everything […]

Top 100 Treo Software at Treonauts

2 February 2006

Check out Treonauts Top 100 Treo Software. There are a lot of great programs on their list, including TAKEphONE, SplashID, and Documents to Go. However, I noticed that there were NO launchers included in the list. Where in the world is Zlauncher? It should be numero uno on that list.

Sirius Radio on your Windows Smartphone

20 January 2006

Have a Sirius Radio subscription? How would you like to use it everywhere? Now you can access your Sirius account right from your Windows Mobile Smartphone. Check out the article at Smartphone Thoughts

Backup issues with WindowsMobile 5?

9 January 2006

Smartphone Thoughts brought to light a potentially dangerous issue. There isn’t currently any working backup software for Windowsmobile 5. I don’t yet have a WM5 device to gauge how stable it is, but I am an absolute backup fanatic. My Treo 650 gets backed up daily, if not twice daily. Sometimes 3 times. Rolling backups […]

Google Maps on the Treo 650 – at Smartphone Reviews

8 January 2006

Ivan Mitrovic over at uLocate has found a way to get the excellent Google Maps on the Treo 650. It involves installing Java on your Treo, so it does take up a solid amount of RAM. He calls his creation “KMaps” , probably because GMaps would make Mr. Google unhappy ;). Like I said, you’ll […]

Smartphone Reviews : Pocket Tunes now supports Yahoo Music Engine

7 January 2006

Thanks to Everything Treo for the tip. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pocket Tunes – you should be. In fact, it really belongs as item number 7 on my Top 6 Applications for your Palm – based Treo Smartphone. It blows away the default RealPlayer which is included on the Treo 650. […]

Top 6 Applications for your Palm – based Treo Smartphone – At Smartphone Reviews

7 January 2006

I’ve been using Treos for awhile – first the 600 , currently the 650. I have a bad habit of installing, and later uninstalling, a ton of software. See, I have the attention span of a doorknob – a doorknob doesn’t even know who opened it last. But some programs have been constants on my […]

Remo for Mobile Phones

27 December 2005

Mobile Burn announces the release of Remo for Mobile Phones – “Remo is a perfect cost and time saving solution for a gadget-cluttered world. From the student who wants to keep in contact with their friends to the business professional who needs mobile accessibility to their e-mails, calendar, and contacts when on the go, Remo […]