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Symbian OS 9.3 goes live

23 July 2006

Though I’m admittedly not a huge Symbian fan, it’s always good to see support for new features in any mobile OS. Some of the major upgrades include: Native support for WiFi Over-the-air firmware updates (FOTA) USB 2.0 on-the-go HSDPA push to talk, and Improved memory management. Hopefully this update will help fuel competition, and spur […]

Nokia E61 now shipping

3 May 2006

Nokia’s “Blackberry killer” , the E61, is now starting to ship, slowly. You can’t yet purchase one in a store, but supposedly there are some on the loose now. Thanks to Gizmodo for the news. Read more about the Nokia E61.

Nokia N80 Review at Crave

30 April 2006

Crave reviews the Nokia N80 and absolutely loves it – ‘This isn’t the perfect phone — although we’re prepared to say it’s very close. It’s still too big as a viable ‘mobile’ phone, measuring a chunky 50 by 95 by 26mm and the battery life is zapped by the Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. After only […]

Nokia N80 Review

26 April 2006

The Nokia N80 is the latest and greatest from the world’s largest phone manufacturer. With the brilliant screen, fantastic form factor, and incredible connectivity options, this phone is a guaranteed home run. The only thing potentially holding it back is the Symbian OS. I know, I know, I keep harping on that. There’s a reason […]

Cingular Nokia 9300 Review

8 April 2006

Mobile Tech review reviews the Cingular Nokia 9300 and writes – ‘Unlike its predecessor the 9290 Communicator, the Nokia 9300 is a smaller phone and is pocket-able. When closed, the 9300 is the same length as the Nokia 3650 and is slightly narrower in width. The Nokia has a muted silver housing with a shinier […]

Nokia E61 Review

2 March 2006

Mobile Whack reported that the Nokia E61 recently received FCC approval – so we’ll be seeing it soon! Here’s what they had to say – ‘W00t! Nokia’s full-QWERTY keyboard business phone, the Nokia E61 (also called Blackberry-killer), has just been granted approval from the almighty FCC paving its entry into the US market. Apart from […]

Nokia N70 review

22 February 2006

All About Symbian reviews the Nokia N70 and writes – ‘The Nokia 6630 was perhaps the base for the modern generation of smartphones, being the first with 3G and stereo music output, but the 6680 refined the concept further, at the expense of gotchas like having less RAM to run programs in. The N70 is […]

Nokia e70 Preview

3 February 2006

The Nokia e70 is one of the most exciting upcoming smarpthones. It has one of those truly unique designs that just hasn’t been done before. I’m not sure what it’ll feel like in real life, but the design is extremely impressive. I’m really looking forward to this phone’s release. I know it’s probably a dream, […]

Smartphone Reviews : Sony Ericsson P990

17 January 2006

Mobile-Review has some great info on the upcoming Sony Ericsson P990. Here’s an excerpt – ‘The designers tried to keep the look of Sony Ericsson P900/P910 and make it as rememberable. The difference in the body size is not very big, since this phone has the dimensions of 114x57x25 mm and the P900, for instance, […]

Smartphone Reviews : Sony Ericsson P970 Preview

16 January 2006

Engadget has a short preview of the Sony Ericsson P970. This model is supposed to be a trimmed – down version of the upcoming Sony Ericsson P990. Looks like they’re keeping the touchscreen & the jog dial ( Hello Sony Clie! ). Here’s hoping that funky qwerty-esque keyboard goes far, far away.

Smartphone Reviews : Nokia N80 Preview at MobileBurn

6 January 2006

MobileBurn has posted a short preview of the Nokia N80 smartphone and they say – ‘The N80 sports a large, 352×416 pixel resolution screen with up to 262,000 colors, 40MB internal memory, miniSD expansion slot, 3 megapixel camera, and runs the recently re-branded S60 operating system.’

Nokia N80 Review at Engadget

29 December 2005

Edgadget reviews the upcoming Nokia N80 and writes – ‘Still, to sum up the in-depth review succinctly, the Nokia N80 is the best phone ever, and will remain so until the end of time.’