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Treo 755p Thoughts

3 August 2007

After having my Treo 755p for awhile, I have few thoughts on it.  I love the new form factor – I had no idea how much I hated the antenna on my 700p. The grippy finish rocks – the phone doesn’t slip out of my hand like the 700p would. It’s crashing again, with Blazer […]

Ordered my Treo 755p

2 July 2007

I even surprised myself by forking over $279.99 for a brand new Treo 755p. In my last post, I pretty much had my mind made up about not buying one. However, I needed a new business phone, and decided to spring for it. What changed my mind? Well, a couple things. One, after applying the […]

Sprint Treo 755p Officially Available

23 May 2007

Sprint / Palm have officially released the Treo 755p, to little fanfare.  The “upgrades” to the Treo 700p are so minimal that most would not notice anything beyond the loss of the antenna.  So, what did Palm change? Antenna-less design ( good ) 0.1″ thinner ( embarrassing – come on Palm ) Different colors – […]

Sprint Treo 755p pictures

23 April 2007

The Treo 755p for Sprint that I posted about recently looks to be on the way in the very near future.  Take a look at a couple of the spy shots – it uses the same form factor as the GSM Treo 750.  Just about every Treo 700p user has been hoping for an updated, […]

Google Maps for your Treo

22 October 2006

Not too long ago, I realized that the Google Maps website worked on my Treo 700p – and I was extremely happy. Lack of a very good map solution was one of the main places my Treo was sorely lacking. The problem with the website was that it was fairly slow to load up and […]

Treo Data Usage

16 October 2006

Many of us Treo owners would definitely call ourselves “Power Users” – we use every capability of our Treo, and sometimes more. We go above and beyond what Palm designed the Treo for, and we do it every day. No challenge is too great. One of the measures of a power user is how much […]

Treo 750v Review

2 October 2006

The Treo 750v is a device destined for just about every market except the US. Since I’m American, that is a bit of a disappointment to me, but there are many Treo fans worldwide who will welcome this device with stylus in hand. The most noticeable difference between the 750v and the 650 before it […]

How to use your Treo as a flashlight

21 September 2006

Every Treo user has done it – some do it more than others.  Admit it – you’re guilty too!  If you haven’t been using your Treo as a flashlight, then you’re missing out.  Treonauts attempts to bring us all out of the closet, complete with this picture of a Treo being used to read a […]

Shorter antenna for your Treo 650

10 September 2006

Are you tired of the large, ugly, bulky antenna sticking out of your Treo 650 smartphone? Well, you’re not alone. has solved your problem – they are soon going to release to the public a shorter antenna for your Treo. Installation should take about 5 minutes, and sounds very simple. All the needed tools […]

Sprint Treo 700wx Review

3 September 2006

Verizon has had the only Windows powered Treo for long enough. Today Sprint introduced the new and improved Treo 700wx. This is great news for Sprint users like myself, who until now only had the Palm OS powered Treo 700p. The Treo 700wx is very similar to the Treo 700w , with the main difference […]

Treo 750 Pictures

30 August 2006 brings us some very high-res pictures of the upcoming Vodafone Treo “750” aka Lennon. The best part? One of the pictures shows the memory screen. The Treo 750 will have 65 MB storage memory, and 48 MB of program memory – a solid improvement from the Treo 700w. Link.

Sprint Treo 700wx coming soon

22 August 2006

It looks like Sept. 3 is the big day, according to Treonauts.  Sprint  will be releasing an improved version of the 700w.   Packed with 64 MB vs 32 in the 700w, the Treo 700wx addresses the biggest complaint about the original. Verizon had their 6 months of exclusivity, now it’s Sprint’s turn to shine.  Given my […]

5 Reasons I own a Treo

10 August 2006

1. It makes me look cool. In a nerdy kind of way. 2. It reminds me when to do things, such as go to work, or go home, or eat 3. It entertains me when I’m bored ( Think internet ) 4. It tells me when I have email 5. It remembers my passwords when […]

Upgrade to VersaMail 3.5

30 July 2006

Treo Today talks about how you can upgrade your Treo 650’s version of VersaMail to version 3.5, for a seemingly inexpensive $9.99. I simply have to ask this – why in the world would I pay to upgrade a horrendously buggy program, to a slightly less horrendously buggy email program, that doesn’t support a fraction […]

Vodafone Treo

30 July 2006

Palm and Vodafone recently announced some fuzzy details about the upcoming new GSM Treo for Europe. I say fuzzy because there aren’t really any hard specs yet – just that the device will be running Windows Mobile, and looks to support UMTS. It doesn’t appear to support HSDPA, which is a bit of a dissapointment, […]

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