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Interview with Marc Blank – MTDN

29 September 2006 ( or mtdn for short ) recently interviewed Marc Blank, the developer of the wildly popular and amazingly powerful ChatterEmail application for the Treo smartphone.  In the interview, Marc discusses both the history and future of ChatterEmail, and his thoughts on the future of the Palm OS.  Check it out now!

Sprint to roll out 4G – WiMax in 2008

9 August 2006

802.16e, better known as WiMax is going to power Sprint’s next generation 4G wireless network. WiMax offers download speeds from 2-4 megabits per second-about four times the speed of Sprint’s current EV-DO 3G network. Anything that promises faster mobile speeds is a welcome announcement to me. Link.

Verizon releases AKU2 ROM for XV6700.

22 July 2006

About time! Here’s what the update includes * Direct Push Technology- Keep your Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Inbox up-to-date using Direct Push Technology. Plus, you can now browse your corporate address book over-the-air with Exchange 2003 SP2. Faster transfer and synchronization of data- Outlook data sent between Exchange Server and a Windows Mobile-based device is […]

Treo 700p review at Top Tech News

4 July 2006

Top Tech News reviews the Palm Treo 700p and isn’t convinced it’s the right device – ‘For die-hard Palm aficionados who really need the speed, and who can spend $399.99 plus the cost of a two-year service commitment, the EVDO-enabled Treo 700p might be just the thing. For the rest of us, a competing EDGE-enabled […]

Nokia N80 review at Cnet

4 July 2006

Cnet reviews the Nokia N80 and is amazed by the cameras ‘The main draw of the Nokia N80 is its multimedia prowess–more specifically, its imaging features. The mobile sports a 3-megapixel camera with video-recording capabilities and 20X digital zoom. The breadth of customization and editing options available on this phone is astounding. You can choose […]

Happy birthday Treo Today

4 July 2006

Two days ago, one of my favorite websites celebrated its one year birthday – Treo Today. Stop by and wish the site owner a happy birthday! For those of you who aren’t Treo Today readers, check it out while you’re over there.

Cingular 8125 Review at Engadget Mobile

30 June 2006

Engadget Mobile reviews the Cingular 8125 and is very very impressed with what they find – ‘Ambitious users can also download and watch Windows Media content on the 8125, including transferring recorded Tivo programs to the phone via USB or transferring songs from music PlaysForSure services such as Yahoo Music Unlimited or Napster To Go. […]

Verizon XV6700 Review at Top Tech News

29 June 2006

Top Tech News reviews the Verizon XV6700 and writes – ‘ Verizon’s new smartphone offers good looks with great business features, but a lack of some connectivity options knocks the XV6700 down a few pegs. Business road warriors can find better options in the super-popular Palm Treo 700w.’ Read more about the Verizon XV6700.

Motorola Q Review at Phone Scoop

10 June 2006

Phone Scoop reviews the Motorola Q and writes – ‘Most people looking to buy the Q probably won’t to type many long emails or hundreds of text messages a week. And for the casual keyboard, the Q offers a solid smartphone experience in an attractive and easily pocketable form. For heavy texters and email warriors, […]

Palm Treo 700p Review at InfoSync World

10 June 2006

InfoSync World reviews the Palm Treo 700p and sees that, while not yet perfect, it is the best Treo yet – ‘The Palm Treo 700p certainly isn’t perfect: we wish Wi-Fi were supported, some basic calling features could use some shoring up, and the Palm OS is in sore need of a refresh. That said, […]

Palm Treo 700p Review at TreoCentral

10 June 2006

TreoCentral posted a very in-depth review of the Palm Treo 700p and had this to say – ‘In my view, it boils down to this: the single most compelling reason to upgrade from a 650 to a 700p is EVDO. Near DSL data speed is a joy. Bonuses are more than double the internal memory, […]

O2 XDA Atom Review at MTekk

10 June 2006

MTekk reviews the O2 XDA Atom and is truly impressed – impress enough that the writer bought one for himself – ‘In my opinion, this is a fantastic device. I was impressed while playing with it at the Product Launch back in November 2005, and am equally impressed now. I have prolonged an upgrade from […]

Motorola Q Review at the Boston Herald

7 June 2006

The Boston Herald reviews the Motorola Q and does not believe it to be a Blackberry killer – ‘There are ways to get instant e-mail on the Q, but they’re slightly clunky. If your company has a server running Good Technology Inc.’s GoodLink software or Verizon’s Wireless Sync program, you can set the Q up […]

Palm Treo 700p Review at Unstrung

7 June 2006

Unstrung reviews the Palm Treo 700p and doesn’t seem to be a huge Palm OS fan – ‘Given that Verizon has a wider EVDO data network than Sprint, offers the Wireless Sync product for free, and (in our opinion) has a better phone/PDA integration, there’s little reason to go with the 700p unless you’re a […]

Palm Treo 700p Review at USA Today

3 June 2006

USA Today reviews the Palm Treo 700p and has some reservations about the pricing – ‘Treos mostly remain the province of business customers. At $550 with a one-year Sprint contract and $400 with a two-year, the device is certainly priced that way. Sprint data plans range from $15 to $25 per month, on top of […]

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