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Windows CE 6 Preview

13 May 2006

Microsoft announced thew newest version of Windows CE – the software behind all mobile Microsoft OS’s – Windows CE 6, April 9th in Las Vegas – ‘In a packed hall of developers and industry partners at Microsoft Corp.’s (Nasdaq: MSFT – News) annual Mobile & Embedded DevCon, the company announced the availability of a beta […]

Dopod S300

7 May 2006

The Dopod S300 is the first official release of the HTC Startrek smartphone. Many of you may not be familiar with Dopod – they are a Taiwanese company. This phone will be available in select Chinese and Asian markets. Dopod officially released the S300 on May 2nd. Stay tuned for more devices based on the […]

T-Mobile MDA Review at Phone Scoop

3 May 2006

Phone Scoop reviews the T-Mobile MDA and didn’t seem all too impressed – ‘ For users in large corporations using Exchange – where the integration between Windows Mobile and Outlook or an Exchange Server is an advantage – the MDA is a compelling device. It is one of the best put-together Pocket PC Phones so […]

Verizon XV6700 Review at jkOnTheRun – Video Edition

3 May 2006

jkOnTheRun recently posted a video review of the Verizon XV6700. This is one of those reviews that is definately a must if you’re considering this device. It shows the device in action, compares the size to other devices, and is just all around a fantastic view. Well worth the download of about 60 MB. Read […]

Cingular 8125 Review at Uncrate

2 May 2006

Uncrate reviews the Cingular 8125 and has this to say – ‘Since it runs Windows Mobile 5.0, you can do tons more on it than a normal cell phone. Mobile email and web browsing is top notch, instant messaging with AOL, MSN, Yahoo! and ICQ is super easy, and the included Windows Media Player plays […]

Cingular 8125 Review at Brighthand

1 May 2006

Brighthand just reviewed the Cingular 8125 and seemed to impressed, though not overly so – ‘The Cingular 8125 is certainly not a flashy device, and doesn’t stand out dramatically in either specs or features. But it’s solid, and has a respectable mix of features that make it a dependable data device that also does voice. […]

Cingular 2125 Review Roundup

25 April 2006

It’s been awhile since my original Cingular 2125 post, and there have been quite a few reviews since then. Here we go. CNet reviews the Cingular 2125 and writes – ‘The 2125 is Cingular’s first company-branded B2B device and offers many of the same great qualities of the SMT5600, but it adds some upgrades, such […]

Treo 700w Update Gone

24 April 2006

Itching to update your Verizon Treo 700w so you can access push email via your exchange server? Unless you’ve already installed the update, you’re out of luck for the moment. Palm’s website says the update is temporarily unavailable, whatever that means. It also says that if you’ve already installed the update, then disregard the message. […]

Orange SPV M600 Review

24 April 2006

The Orange SPV M600 is a compact PDA released for the Orange network in the UK. This device is a bit of a throwback in some ways, mainly because it has no keyboard. The first smartphones either had a keypad like a regular phone, or a virtual keypad and no ‘hard’ keys, like the M600. […]

Treo Hollywood Pictures Released

18 April 2006

Treonauts has posted some actual photos of the Treo Hollywood. It’s slimmer, sleeker, and antenna-less. It appears to be everything we thought it would be, except for one glaring difference. Instead of the venerable Palm OS, it’s running Windows Mobile 5. Wow. I’ll be the first to say I sure didn’t see this one coming. […]

Cingular 8125 Review Roundup

18 April 2006

There have been quite a few Cingular 8125 reviews posted since my original roundup, and I wanted to point them out to you guys. Mobility Site reviews the Cingular 8125 and writes – ‘I really like this device. Other than GPS, which I only use on occasion, this thing is the complete package. It has […]

VITO Audionotes Version 1.1 Update

18 April 2006

Recently I reviewed VITO Audionotes here at Smartphones Reviews, and it looked like a very solid program. VITO just released an update to Audionotes, as version 1.1 Here are a few of the added features : Call auto-recording. If you simply leave Audionotes running in the background, ( one of the marvels of Windows Mobile […]

Qtek 9100 Review

13 April 2006

Another variation of the HTC Wizard, the Qtek 9100 won’t be of much interest to us folks here in the US. Qtek is a Europe carrier, but since I do have quite a few European readers, I thought I’d cover this phone here for their sake. The form factor surely looks familiar, and the specs […]

TFW vs HTC – Showdown

7 April 2006

A company that I’m unfamiliar with – Tech Faith Wireless, or TFW for short, has some upcoming Windows Mobile devices that look very promising. Hopefully they are released to OEM’s soon, and with any luck someone will pick up these devices. No doubt HTC has something in the works to compete though. They aren’t likely […]

Switching from Palm OS to Pocket PC or Windows Mobile

5 April 2006

No, I haven’t made the switch yet. There isn’t a device that’s compelling enough for me to do that just yet. For many who do make the switch, their biggest concern is “how do I get my data from my Palm to my Windows Mobile device?” Valid question – after all who wants to re-input […]

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