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Cingular Nokia 9300 Review

8 April 2006

nokia 9300 openMobile Tech review reviews the Cingular Nokia 9300 and writes – ‘Unlike its predecessor the 9290 Communicator, the Nokia 9300 is a smaller phone and is pocket-able. When closed, the 9300 is the same length as the Nokia 3650 and is slightly narrower in width. The Nokia has a muted silver housing with a shinier silver front cover which you can change to personalize your phone. Another improvement from the 9290 design is now you can talk with the front cover facing your mouth. You will find an 128 x 128 color display on the cover which runs the equivalent of Nokia’s Series 40 user interface (Series 40 phones comprise Nokia’s mid-tier offerings). Also up front are a 5-way directional pad, two menu buttons, call send and call end buttons and a large number keypad below the display. The d-pad and the buttons are easy to press and the number keys are spacious. Above the display, you will find the earpiece holes and power on/off button. The bottom half of the clamshell houses a large IR port, Pop-Port connector (for syncing and wired headsets), the mic and power charging port. The back of the phone has a large battery door. You can open it to access the battery, the SIM card and the MMC card slot.’

ZDNET reviews the Nokia 9300 and writes – ‘Palm gets a lot of press for its popular Treo, but Nokia knows a thing or two about smart phones too. Starting with the 9000i Communicator and following up with the Nokia 9290, the Finnish company has produced some powerful Symbian-based smart phones. Now it adds the Nokia 9300 to its list. With an integrated QWERTY keyboard and support for multiple e-mail accounts, the 9300 Communicator has a lot to offer users who need a corporate-centric device. While there’s much that’s impressive in this unit for Cingular Wireless, there’s also plenty that’s frustrating. The keyboard is somewhat cramped, and the phone lacks Wi-Fi.’

nokia 9300From the Cingular Nokia 9300 Press Release : “Pricing and Availability
The Nokia 9300 business device will be available in the U.S. in Cingular retail stores, select Cingular authorized dealers, Cingular.com, and through its direct B2B sales beginning in November. Cingular will offer the Nokia 9300 for as low as $299.99 with a two-year contract and after $50 mail-in rebate. Customers can choose from either a $44.99 BlackBerry unlimited data plan or a $34.99 4Mb BlackBerry data plan when they also choose a qualifying voice plan. The $44.99 and $34.99 plans both include data service for BlackBerry Connect, Web browsing and other applications. In addition, corporate customers, as needed, can purchase BlackBerry Enterprise Server for a complete enterprise messaging solution directly from Cingular and select resellers. ”

At first glance, I think this device is interesting in its design. It reminds me a lot of the LG VX9800 in that regard. It’s pretty large, but it is still an interesting design. Where this device truly falls short is functionality. While the device does have bluetooth, it is missing WiFi, vibrate (really??) and of all things, a touchscreen. I was a bit speechless when I read this. A device of this size, with dual screens, should have the inner screen as a touch screen. I’d definately have to recommend not going with this device; it just doesn’t have enough features to justify the cost. If you are married to the form factor, and really want one, you can purchase one from Cingular.

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