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Dopod 818 Pro

29 May 2006

While at first glance, you might mistake this device for an O2 XDA Atom, it is in fact a Dopod 818 Pro. Based on the HTC Prophet design, the Dopod 818 Pro has many of the features we’ve come to expect from HTC devices.

Dopod 818 Pro Specifications

Not a whole lot new going on here, just the familiar. Many are fans of the small form factor of this device, which is a welcome relief to those who had bulky smartphones. On the filpside, it does not have a keyboard. This, to me, is a dealbreaker. I use my smartphones heavily, and need the flexibility that only a bulit-in QWERTY keyboard can provide. The one feature to take note of is the advanced ( for a smartphone ) 2.0 Megapixel digital camera that is integrated into the Dopod 818 Pro.

Dopod 818 Pro Reviews

CNet reviews the Dopod 818 Pro and writes – ‘Perhaps the biggest selling point of the 818 Pro is its price. At S$938 (US$576.20) with a two-year plan, it’s considerably cheaper than the O2 Atom while offering almost the same feature set. All in all, although it doesn’t sport any new tricks or killer applications, the 818 Pro is a value-for-money choice for those looking for a convergent device that’s portable and versatile.’

Ouch – still a tad too expensive for my tastes. $600 with a 2 year plan is a tad on the high side for the devices I tend to go for…. I look for $600 with no contract, or at least in that ballpark. In any case, time will tell whether this device becomes a success, or just gets lost in the crowd.

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