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DualCor cPC review at MobileMag

29 December 2005

DualCor cPC
There’s a new kid on the block – scratch that, a whole new kind of kid. Few things are truly unique these days, but I think the DualCor cPC qualifies.

MobileMag reviews the DualCor cPC and writes ‘If you have the DualCor cPC, you may never have to go to your office again. It’s a PDA with Windows Mobile 5.0, but it also happens to run Windows XP when you want it to. It has dual processors as well – a Via 1.5 GHz processor for XP and an Intel chipset for the PDA and phone tasks.’

MobileWhack reviews the DualCor cPC and says – ‘This portable hardware platform is capable of running both OS’s depending on your need. You can instantly switch between Tablet PC to Windows Mobile 5.0.’

Engadget reviews the DualCor cPC and has this to say – ‘The PC side will run XP Tablet Edition, on a 1.5GHz Via C7-M processor, while the smartphone will run Windows Mobile 5.0. A 40GB hard drive will serve both the PC and the smartphone, and the two sides will apparently be able to share at least some data.’

CNET has a review of the DualCor cPC as well – here’s their take – ‘However, the device can run for eight to 12 hours in “smart phone” mode. Because of the memory footprint and other technology, users can access and receive e-mail in smart-phone mode and run applications such as PowerPoint in a limited fashion. As a result, the PC components and OS are asleep most of the time. ‘

jkOnTheRun alerted me to their excellent review of the DualCor cPC. Here’s their take – ‘The DualCor cPC is becoming even more intriguing as details leak out about the little Tablet PC and I can’t wait to see one at CES in a few weeks. DualCor has put some fantastic technology in a small package and not least on that list is how the cPC uses “shared controllers” for display, input, hard drive, etc. for a total Microsoft solution.’

Release date isn’t set yet – but look for it in 2006. The biggest problem I see? Estimated MSRP of $1500 – that’s one expensive smartphone!

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