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E-Ten G500 review at Pocket PC Thoughts

26 May 2006

Pocket PC Thoughts reviews the E-Ten G500 and writes – ‘In a market largely dominated by a single device designer, namely HTC, the G500 stands out with its unique and innovative style. But it’s not just a pretty face. E-TEN’s decision to continue including the Samsung 400 mhz processor helps to ensure that you get a responsive experience. And as the first Pocket PC phone to include the SIRF Star III chipset, you can be sure that there’s no need to compromise on GPS performance to enjoy the convenience of convergence.
The echoing during phone conversations did get annoying. I’ve gone so far as to ask someone from my insurance company if they hear it. And they did. I suppose it’s possible that it’s my particular device, since I’ve searched other forums and found no mention of this problem.’

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