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E-TEN G500 Review – PDAgold

24 September 2006

PDAgold reviews the E-TEN G500 and writes: “The E-TEN G500 is a good device for a reasonable price, whose parameters will satisfy a wide range of users. The integration of mobile navigation and mobile phone into a single, compact device is an attractive solution for those who are looking for a work tool rather than an interesting toy, and those who prefer to carry around one gadget for all purposes. Before you decide to buy, consider carefully if the parameters do match your requirements. For instance, GPRS will suffice for e-mail and browsing of (optimized) web pages, but may fail if you need to send a large attachment. This is just one example and there are many more, due to the small size and the large number of integrated modules.”

Read more about the E-TEN G500.

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