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E-Ten G500 Review

19 May 2006

E-Ten G500 Specifications

Samsung 400 mHz CPU
128 MB ROM / 64 MB RAM
Integrated GPS

E-Ten G500 Reviews

Cnet reviews the E-Ten G500 and points out the wireless shortcomings – ‘Unfortunately, the G500 is hurting in the area of wireless connectivity. It lacks integrated Wi-Fi, and there’s no support for EDGE, so you’ll have to find other means, such as a Wi-Fi card, for connecting to the Web. The smart phone, however, has Bluetooth 2.0, which promises faster transmission speed and lower power consumption; it’s also backward compatible with Bluetooth 1.x.’

Mobile Tech Review reviews the E-Ten G500 and has this to say – ‘The E-TEN’s bright and sharp display is great for map viewing in most conditions except in direct and bright sunlight. The E-TEN has plenty of speed for the navigation software and the maps scroll smoothly. You can navigate your trips either ahead of the time on the PC and download the trips to your Pocket PC, or map out the trips right on the E-TEN which calculates routes fairly quickly. We found that the E-TEN was spot-on in guidance except when the weather was very poor (low, thick cloud cover with heavy rain). When weather conditions were particularly inclement, the GPS receiver was off by 30 feet compared to perfection under clearer skies.’

Pocket Now reviews the E-Ten G500 and laments the lack of a keyboard – ‘Over all, this is a great device. Yes, it does have its quirks and issues, but most devices do. While I would like to see ETEN work on the 850MHz band issue, and get it resolved (I was quite disappointed with its initial cell phone performance.), I’d also like to see an ETEN device with some kind of keyboard. Using Spb Full Screen Keyboard to respond to e-mail is NOT easy. Color me spoiled by the HTC Wizard if you want, but I’ve really gotten used to an external, permanently attached QWERTY keyboard that tucks neatly away when its not in use.’

Pocket PC Thoughts reviews the E-Ten G500 and writes – ‘In a market largely dominated by a single device designer, namely HTC, the G500 stands out with its unique and innovative style. But it’s not just a pretty face. E-TEN’s decision to continue including the Samsung 400 mhz processor helps to ensure that you get a responsive experience. And as the first Pocket PC phone to include the SIRF Star III chipset, you can be sure that there’s no need to compromise on GPS performance to enjoy the convenience of convergence.
The echoing during phone conversations did get annoying. I’ve gone so far as to ask someone from my insurance company if they hear it. And they did. I suppose it’s possible that it’s my particular device, since I’ve searched other forums and found no mention of this problem.’

PDAgold reviews the E-TEN G500 and writes: “The E-TEN G500 is a good device for a reasonable price, whose parameters will satisfy a wide range of users. The integration of mobile navigation and mobile phone into a single, compact device is an attractive solution for those who are looking for a work tool rather than an interesting toy, and those who prefer to carry around one gadget for all purposes. Before you decide to buy, consider carefully if the parameters do match your requirements. For instance, GPRS will suffice for e-mail and browsing of (optimised) web pages, but may fail if you need to send a large attachment. This is just one example and there are many more, due to the small size and the large number of integrated modules.”
Wow, I have to say – what in the world was E-Ten thinking with the G500? WiFi and EDGE are absolutele must-haves these days. There’s simply no excuse for any device coming out now without BOTH of these features. Missing one? If the device is fantastic then perhaps it is forgiveable. But both? Really?
I like the GPS, but I’m not convinced that GPS is a better choice than WiFi / EDGE.

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