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E-Ten M600 Review at MobileTechReview

30 December 2005

E-Ten M600 Smartphone
MobileTechReview reviews the E-Ten M600 and writes – ‘Close in size and shape to the Palm Treo 650, which seems to have hit the sweet spot for size and form factor, the M600 is large by flip phone standards yet is much smaller than the mid-size Dell Axim X30 Pocket PC. Like the Treo and the i-mate JAM, the E-TEN is relatively narrow which makes it feel good in the hand and look less brick-like than large Pocket PC phones. It’s slightly thicker than the JAM and about the same thickness as the Treo, and it feels just right: easy to grip and hold.’

SPhone reviews the E-Ten M600 and writes – ‘After our morning with the E-TEN M600, we can conclude that E-TEN has done it again – created a very competitive unit that, just like its predecessor, will take the market by storm. The combination of the new Windows Mobile 5.0, a powerful processor and WLAN also makes the M600 a phone well suited for IP telephony applications such as Skype.’

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