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E-TEN M600+ vs E-TEN G500+

10 October 2006

g500-vs-m600.jpgPDAGold has an awesome comparision review of the E-TEN M600+ vs the E-TEN G500+.  They write – ‘The G500+’s parameters are absolutely the same as those of the M600+. The processor is a Samsung S3C2440 running at 400 MHz. The data and application memory (NAND-type FlashROM) is now 256 MB instead of 128 MB in the M600. After a hard reset, the user can access 30 MB of RAM and 193 MB of FlashROM. Those nearly 200 MB of free storage memory is good news. If you load maps of just a few countries you really need instead of, say, the whole Europe, your navigation application should be able to go without a memory card. The G500+, too, is easy to return to the factory defaults using the Default Settings utility, which is the same as in the M600+.’

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