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Eye-Fi working on SD Card with WiFi Built In

3 May 2006

eye-fi.jpgA company called Eye-Fi is finally working on a solution to the old WiFi SD card problem. With the current cards, you have to remove your memory card to insert your WiFi card. You also have to have a big goofy looking card sticking out of your SD card slot. Eye-Fi decided to put the WiFi chip right on the flash card itself. So this solves two problems at once – nothing sticks out of your device, and you get to keep your 1 GB card in at the same time – since they are the same card! Assuming drivers will be available, this card should be a huge hit at the estimated MSRP of $100, for all those Treo 650 and Treo 700w users out there. Via TechCrunch.

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