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Gigabyte gSmart Review

21 March 2006

gigabyte gsmart smartphonePocketPC Thoughts reviews the Gigabyte gSmart and writes – ‘Again, I will note that the gSmart test device I received directly from Gigabyte did not contain the final version of the firmware, so there are likely a few more changes to be implemented and bug-fixes to be resolved. I can’t even be sure that the battery supplied with it has been conditioned or used extensively to honestly gauge the true, expected battery life. However, the device as a whole performed like a champ, and would definitely be one to look out for. One feature not shown here in this overview is an optional menu system/program launcher called “3D MMI.” It was removed from the ROM and is now provided as a separate, optional install off the accompanying CD-ROM.

The gSmart is a force to be reckoned with. Even though Gigabyte may be new to the mobile device market, I will admit that they have easily “schooled” the veteran ODMs/OEMs who think that providing basic hardware and software is enough. The designers of the gSmart were definitely thinking “outside the box” even before they were putting the goodies inside the box. They deserve much praise for their hard work and implementation, while the hardware engineers and designers came up with a strong product for multimedia and portabilty lovers alike.’

We’ve got one heck of a solid design here with the Gigabyte gSmart smartphone. No EDGE and poor battery life are a bit ho-hum though. Analog TV though? Brilliant. This absolutely makes the phone. If I’m not mistaken, this would be the first phone capable of picking up regular TV signals. I’ve always wanted something like that, and I’ve been saying for years that my Treo should have it. And I didn’t know Gigabyte made anything other than pretty good motherboards.

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