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Google Maps for your Treo

22 October 2006

Not too long ago, I realized that the Google Maps website worked on my Treo 700p – and I was extremely happy. Lack of a very good map solution was one of the main places my Treo was sorely lacking. The problem with the website was that it was fairly slow to load up and get anything done. So we had a working solution, just not a very good one. No worries – apparently Google really does think about us Treo users. Enter Google Maps – the application. No, this is not a Kmaps rehash; this one was released by Google itself. The download is a little over 450kb, so it’s a bit hefty, but no problem for my EV-DO connection. The OTA install was painless as usual, and the application is fantastic. Very fast to load, you can scroll the screen just like you can on your desktop. Loading new portions of the map is extremely easy. Possibly the best part? It keeps a record of the locations you type in – it saves you a ton of typing.
If you own a Treo, this is an absolute must-have application. It’s well worth the memory it takes up, and no Treo should be without it.

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