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HP iPaq hw6965 Review

15 May 2006


HP recently released the new HP iPaq hw6965, as the newest member of the Ipaq 6900 series. At first glance, this seems like the best yet in a series of solid devices. Will this device hold up after testing? Read on to find out.

HP iPaq hw6965 Specifications

Windows Mobile 5.0
416 mHz Intel XScale CPU
64 MB RAM / 45 MB ROM
Built-in GPS Receiver
WiFi, Bluetooth
1.3 Megapixel camera
Mini-SD Slot

HP iPaq hw6965 Reviews

CNet Asia reviews the iPaq hw6965 and writes – ‘With an expected retail price of over S$1,200 (US$765.84), this newest iPaq doesn’t come cheap. But users looking for a GPS-enabled portable that can also Wi-Fi, make phone calls and organize their life will find the hw6965 to be a stellar offering that can do all of the above and more. Despite some performance issues, notably the load times and battery life, the hw6965 is a strong addition to HP’s PDA-phone family.’

HP iPaq 6900 series Press Release

HP today introduced the latest HP iPAQ handheld, a smart device with the ability to receive email wirelessly using new “push” email functionality from Microsoft.(1,2)
view the hewlett-packard interactive press kit

In addition, the HP iPAQ hw6900 Mobile Messenger provides customers with all the essentials to keep a business or personal lifestyle running while mobile, including a mobile phone,(3) access to Wi-Fi wireless hotspots, data networks, digital content and services,(1,2) and enhanced security.

The Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Messaging and Security Feature Pack allows HP iPAQ hw6900 customers to automatically receive new email, calendar items, tasks or contacts without incurring additional email middleware expenses.

“With the powerful HP iPAQ Mobile Messenger, busy professionals no longer need to sacrifice connectivity when away from their desks,” said Ted Clark, senior vice president and general manager, Mobile Computing, HP. “With the handheld’s wireless email, voice and fast data access, our customers can get more done and be more mobile with fewer devices.”

The sleek hw6900 is the first handheld with four integrated radios so customers can stay connected in more places around the world. Included are: Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, Wi-Fi, GPS(4) and Bluetooth™ wireless technology.(1,2,3) The Bluetooth technology additionally offers wireless communication with other Bluetooth devices such as headsets, printers and automobile hands-free kits.

The HP iPAQ hw6900 also is compatible with Skype Mobile software, allowing customers to enjoy high-quality voice calls via high-speed Internet connections.(1)

Secure and in the know when on the go

In addition to its push email functionality, the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system creates an improved Outlook Mobile experience and enhanced device and data protection without the need for businesses to deploy additional middleware servers and software. IT administrators can remotely manage and enforce IT policies over the air and have the ability to remotely delete data on an HP iPAQ if it is lost or stolen.

Windows Mobile 5.0 integrates directly with Microsoft Exchange Server and Small Business Server for a cost-effective messaging solution for businesses both large and small. The operating system also has been enhanced with persistent storage to prevent the loss of data – even if the battery is removed or drained – and for easy multimedia synchronization for music, video and photos.

“The iPAQ hw6900 combines powerful Windows Mobile software with continued innovation from HP to give business professionals a compelling all-in-one device,” said Suzan DelBene, corporate vice president, Mobile and Embedded Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. “The combination of Direct Push Technology and Microsoft Outlook Mobile included in Windows Mobile gives users immediate access to all the information they need to stay on top of their jobs while away from their desk.”

Versatility for both work and play

Additional built-in features of the HP iPAQ hw6900 include both a keyboard – for fast and easy creation of email and messages – and a 1.3-megapixel HP Photosmart camera on select models for capturing photos and videos to share wirelessly.(1)

Built-in GPS receiver and navigation applications also are standard. For customers in North America, Microsoft Pocket Streets 2006 comes installed to provide basic navigation assistance and a 60-day free trial of the HP iPAQ Navigation Software and Maps is included on CD to provide voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation. For customers in Europe, TomTom Navigator 5 software comes installed and customers can download their choice of one city map for free, while additional maps can be purchased separately.(4)

Availability and pricing

The HP iPAQ hw6900 series is expected to be available in the Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa regions this spring and in North America in summer. Telecommunications carrier information and pricing will vary by region.

More information on the HP iPAQ hw6900 Mobile Messenger is available in an online press kit at www.hp.com/go/Mobility2006.

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