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HTC Tytn Review

28 July 2006

HTC has spend many years behind the scenes in the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile world. The HTC Tytn marks the first time that HTC will be selling a device under its own brand name. Will they be successful under the little-known HTC brand name? We’ll soon find out.The Tytn is based on the HTC Hermes design – I’m sure we’ll still see other companies producing smartphones based on the HTC Hermes design – it is a great one. It seems to be a minor, though needed, update to the hugely successful HTC Wizard.

HTC Tytn Specs

OS – Windows Mobile 5
CPU – Samsung 400 mHz
Memory – 64MB RAM; 128MB flash
Display – 2.8″ 320×240
Wireless: HSDPA / UMTS / GSM / GPRS / EDGE
Dual Cameras
Bluetooth 2.0

The HTC Tytn certainly has the specs to make it a solid contender. There’s nothing revolutionary in the way of hardware here, with HSPDA being the major new feature.

HTC Tytn Reviews

The Mobile Gadgeteer reviews the HTC Tytn and is almost convinced, but holds back due to pricing concerns – ‘I was seriously considering the TyTN as my next purchase, but I can’t afford the US$700+ at this time and without the certainty that the TyTN will work on T-Mobile’s 3G data network later this year or early in 2007 I didn’t want to sell my Nokia E61 to offset about half the cost. The only improvement I would like is a second shift key on the right side of the keyboard and the use of a standard 2.5 or 3.5mm headset jack.’

Phone Arena reviews the HTC Tytn and is impressed with the jog dial – ‘Very convenient is the new “jog-dial” with confirm function which is located on the left side of the phone, or on the bottom when the keyboard is slid open. Jog-dial keys has been traditionally used in Sony phones for years, and take place in Sony Ericsson smartphones’ line as a comfortable way to navigate a touchscreen-capable device. Next to it is a hardware OK button as well, which acts the same way as pushing the jog-dial. Because if this innovation, the need of using the stylus is very limited.’

Tech Digest reviews the HTC Tytn and writes – ‘The design of the Tytn is superb. It feels solid but not heavy, and the keyboard slide is smooth, with a reassuring click when it’s in place. The screen automatically switches from portrait to landscape on that magic ‘click’ and there are soft buttons in both views which make it easy to access key functions,if you don’t fancy getting out the stylus for the touchscreen.’

MTekk reviews the HTC Tytn and writes – ‘Small, light weight, stylish, feature packed with 3G, hardware keyboard and more buttons then any user ever dreamed, the HTC TyTN is certainly a dangerous rival in the marketplace.  It could be called the Atom of 3G devices, and certainly offers users a viable pocket pc entrance into the 3G realm. ‘

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