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LG VX9800 Review at Mobile Tech Review

27 December 2005

LG VX9800
Another non-true smartphone ( don’t worry, I won’t make it a habit! ) graces the Smartphone Reviews pages. This phone is definately worth a look if you’re not quite a “power user” but crave more functionality than a regular phone can offer.

Mobile Tech Review reviews the LG VX9800 , and writes – ‘ If you’re looking for something short of a PDA phone but need more than a feature phone, the VX9800 should be on your short list. The superb keyboard makes messaging and data entry easy and the phone’s multimedia prowess put it above the feature phone pack. The unit has excellent build quality, great displays, an impressive camera that does a great job of both photos and videos, Bluetooth and an MP3 player.’

Engadget reviews the LG VX9800 , and writes ‘That being said, everything else about this slightly-bulky-but-attractive transformer seems to work great, with the MP3 player rockin’ (even through the speakers), the 1.3 megapixel camera snapping impressive pics, and the lighted keyboard a “joy to use.” ‘

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