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LG VX9800 Review at Mobiledia

2 January 2006

LG VX9800 Smartphone
Mobiledia reviews the LG VX9800 and writes – ‘With so many strengths in imaging, audio, messaging, storage, and connectivity, it’s difficult to point out any significant weaknesses. But if there is one, it would have to be its size. Fitting a QWERTY keyboard requires the real estate to type comfortably, and unfortunately the VX9800 is not small.

I recently had a client at work ( unfortunately this isn’t my “real” job yet ) who had the LG VX9800, so I had a brief chance to check it out in person. I have to say, it looks really interesting on the internet, and in pictures. In real life, it’s too thick to be comfortable as a phone. Ok, so at least it’s easy to type on right? Wrong. It’s pretty awkward to be honest. I’m not sure I can recommend this phone – it just doesn’t seem to do anything very very well.

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