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More Palm Treo 700p rumors

20 March 2006

Palm Treo 700pThere are quite a few Treo 700p pics floating about these days. The latest word is a supposed release date of May 28, 2006 for Sprint. Treonauts has some info on what the Treo 700p is supposed to be all about – ‘
* Reception is supposed to be ‘spectacular’
* Runnning PalmOS Garnet v5.4.9
* 1.2MP Camera (1280×1024)
* Bluetooth v1.2
* pTunes, SprintTV, Documents to Go 8 all in ROM
* Blazer 4.5
* 64MB Memory with 54MB User-Available
* 320×320 screen
* FAT32 driver support (to use SD Cards larger than 2GB)
* EVDO Radio (High Speed Wireless Data 400–700kbps)
* Can receive call while using 1xEvDo, but cannot call and browse at the same time (limitation of 1xEvDo)
* New web like picture album interface, new facelift for album and picture application
* Menu button moved to bottom left shift spot
* SharkMsg-like “SMS after call” functionality
* Flashing ‘Alerts’ asterix replaced by little golden bell icon
* Green button is Call Answer button, Phone button for Contacts
* New “fast mode” in Blazer
* No WiFi drivers installed and no ability to test a WiFi SD card
* Very large new DbCache of over 10MB for a _much_ speedier user experience

No WiFi???? I can only hope this is a mistake, and the production 700p will indeed have WiFi. If not, I may end up passing on this device, and moving on to a Windows Mobile device of some sort. I dont’ know… I’m definately a Palm OS addict though. Hah only time will tell I guess. Two months to go!

Here’s the scan of the release date –
Treo 700p Release date
Start the countdown – the Treo 700p is coming soon.

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