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Most expensive Treo case

15 July 2006

I’ve never been a fan of Vaja – their cases always seemed way too expensive for me, at $60 – $80… I was out. If I want a case, $30 is the absolute max before I’m out. I just can’t see spending so much money on something I know I’ll replace as soon as the next device comes out. Apparently, I’m alone in the way I think, and the Treo public at large has been yearning for a more expensive Treo case. A vastly more expensive one. Enter the Vaja i-volution Sterling Silver. Priced at a cool $349.99, and not an ounce of actual Sterling Silver to be found, this is nonetheless a very stlyish case. Priced at a much more realistic $49.99 and even I might consider it – it’s that nice. But $350 clams? I want some of whatever the marketing folks at Vaja are on. It must be fantastic.

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